Schutzstaffel: SS Officers Inspired By Teutonic Knights

Der Bannerträger ("The Standard Bearer"), by Hubert Lanzinger, circa 1935 Austrian-born artist Lanzinger (1880-1950) painted this work in oils on a wood panel. It was first displayed at the Great German Art Exhibition in Munich in 1937. Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s official photographer and an exhibition judge, had the image made into a postcard around 1938. After the war, a U.S. soldier pierced the painting with a bayonet. It was then transferred to the U.S. Army Art Collection, German War Art Collection, where it remains to this day. U.S. Army Center of Military History, Washington, D.C.

Der Bannerträger (“The Standard Bearer”), by Hubert Lanzinger, circa 1935
Austrian-born artist Lanzinger (1880-1950) painted this work in oils on a wood panel. It was first displayed at the Great German Art Exhibition in Munich in 1937.
Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s official photographer and an exhibition judge, had the image made into a postcard around 1938. After the war, a U.S. soldier pierced the painting with a bayonet. It was then transferred to the U.S. Army Art Collection, German War Art Collection, where it remains to this day.
U.S. Army Center of Military History, Washington, D.C.

During the Third Reich, posters throughout Germany presented Hitler as a Teutonic Knight, fighting to restore the medieval greatness of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Teutonic Knights were originally known as the “Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem”. They created by the German Catholic Knights who defeated the Jews and Muslims during the Crusades.

The Teutonic Knights were soldier-priests who took vows to the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor. After the Crusades ended in 1291, the knights returned to Europe.

Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II decided to use the order for a “Northern Crusade” into Eastern Europe. The Teutonic Knights led invasions into Hungary, Poland, and Estonia.

Later, Emperor Louis IV gave them the imperial privilege to conquer all of Lithuania and Russia. Following the Protestant Reformation, the knights largely returned to defend the Catholic Church in Germany.

The Teutonic Knights were a major force within the Holy Roman Empire. They were trusted with the task of protecting the Holy Lance and the Crown Jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. They stood guard in the King’s Chapel located in Nuremberg Castle, guarding the sacred relics.




As the Holy Roman Empire nearby dissolved following the Protester crowd, the Teutonic Knights could no longer protect the Holy Lance and Crown Jewels. As Napoleon approached in 1796, the treasures were hidden and later sent to Vienna, Austria.

Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler were both deeply interested in ancient history, Catholic mysticism [do NOT confuse this with the “occult” aka Kabbalah], and the military campaigns of the Holy Roman Emperors. Himmler was specifically interested in the Teutonic Knights and his worldview was shaped by the order of medieval soldier-priests.

The Schutzstaffel was created in 1925, giving personal protection to Hitler at public functions and events. Heinrich Himmler joined that same year, and eventually took over the organization in 1929.

Under Himmler’s control, the SS transformed and resembled the Teutonic Knights. Their official colors were black and white, the same used by the medeival soldier-priests. In 1933, Professor Karl Diebitsch and Walter Heck designed new all-black uniforms, influenced by the same design the Catholic knights wore in the Middle Ages.

Heinrich Himmler told his officers, “Never forget, we are a knightly order.”

The Schutzstaffel had the same ancestry qualifications as the Teutonic Knights, requiring members prove their German heritage for three generations. The SS also began its own “Northern Crusade”, reconquering the same land in Eastern Europe the Catholic knights had taken.

Most importantly though, the SS officers and the Teutonic Knights were both given the important task of protecting the Holy Lance and the Crown Jewels of the Roman Empire.

Deutscher Orden - Deutschherrenorden - Deutschritterorden -Teutonic Knights - Rahn - Hitler - Occult Third Reich - Peter Crawford 2013

The SS placed an intense emphasis upon elitism and portrayed themselves as part of an elite order which “explicitly modelled on an a historical version of religious order of the Teutonic Knights.

Himmler renovated the Wewelsburg Castle, located deep in the sacred Teutoburg Forest. The castle became a masterpiece of late renaissance architecture. It became the SS officer training academy, where soldiers prepared for knighthood with spiritual and intellectual training exercises.

He was fascinated by the rites and traditions of the Holy Roman Emperors. A replica of the Holy Lance was kept on his desk. Replicas of the imperial crown, scepter, and orb were put in glass display cases in the castle museum.

Himmler named his personal section of the castle after King Heinrich I, his patron saint. He decorated his room with a medieval bed, armchair, and suit of armor. He designed another portion of the castle for Hitler, which was named and decorated in honor of Frederick the Great.

He was inspired by the past to build his dream of a new Reich. In the castle museum was a miniature display of an old-fashioned farmhouse with a straw roof.

This display included dollhouse figures of Aryan men, women, and children dressed in simple clothing. Across from the small house was a tiny furnace with a burning fire. Miniature horses and sheep grazed in large green fields

It was a glimpse into paradise, a symbol of medieval German simplicity and abundance.

Himmler was inspired by medieval Europe and supported Hitler’s plan to restore the Holy Roman Empire. Therefore, the Schutzstaffel was created to function as the holy knights of the Third Reich.



No its not the “Black Sun” Coined by the Cross of the Redeemer, which is also the mark of the Order, the congregation put itself completely under the protection of Mary, the mother of God, following its true origin. Saint Elisabeth of Hungary remains its shining example in terms of unselfish help for those in need for the sake of Christ. Saint George, the faithful martyr, lights them their way in the courageous efforts for the Christian faith. The foundation of our Order gave responses to concrete necessities of the place and the time. Ever since its beginnings, it is an ideal of the Order to serve those in need for Christ’s sake with unconditional love. In the increasingly powerful misery of the time, the Order was assigned the additional task of protecting the Christian faith against the enemies of Christ. This inspiration, which was part of the small and initially time-influenced beginning of the Order, proved to be a response to a call of God to the people who – following Christ – are prepared to reply to concrete desperate situations in the Church and the world. The Apostolic See awarded the Order with the exemption back then in acknowledging the Order’s efforts, which it confirms now and again. The Order preserved the privilege of the direct submission to the Chair of Peter until today. We owe obedience to the Holy Father as highest Superior, also by virtue of the vow. The German Order today acts charitably in nursing the ill, the old, the poor and the needy in the ever changing forms of social care, in works of Christian upbringing and education for children, juveniles and adults. The Order’s efforts for the kingdom of Christ is no longer the temporary battle with the sword, but – according to the sound tradition of the Order – rather the fight in the mental dispute, the protection of the defenceless, the pastoral care of people. This is why also today the Order dedicates itself to the protection and creation of the Kingdom of God, serving the universal church and the local churches. Brothers, sisters and associates strive for this goal in close cooperation. They are thus followers of Christ in order to participate in His work of salvation. Rules of the Teutonic Knights of St. Mary’s house in Jerusalem, No. 3 – 7.


The official motto of the SS was Meine Ehre heißt Treue” (My Honour is Loyalty). Like the Teutonic Knights, they took a vow, practiced chivalry, and devoted themselves to God.

As leader of the Schutzstaffel, Heinrich Himmler required his officers to read and memorize a book he wrote called “50 Questions and Answers for the SS-Man”:

“The first question is: “What is your oath?”
The answer is: “We swear to you, Adolf Hitler, loyalty and bravery as leader and chancellor of the German Reich. We vow to you and to the principles laid down by you obedience to the point of death. So help us God!
The second question is: “Thus you believe in a God?”
The answer is: “Yes, I believe in a Lord God.”
The third question is: “What do you think of a person who does not believe in a God?”
The answer is: “I consider him arrogant, stupid, and a megalomaniac; he is not suited for us.”

In 1937, Himmler explained “Be in no doubt that we would not be able to be this body of men bound by a solemn oath if we did not have the firm belief in a Lord God who rules over us, who has created us and our Fatherland, our people and this earth, and who sent us our leader.”

He further wrote: “We have the holy conviction that according to the eternal laws of this world we are accountable for every deed, for every word, and every thought, that nothing our mind thinks up, our tongue speaks, and our hand does is completed with the act itself, but is a cause which will have its effect, which in an inevitable, inexorable cycle redounds on ourselves and our people in the form of a blessing or curse. Believe me, men with this conviction are anything but atheists.”

Die Göttliche Ordnung. (God’s Eternal Order/Law)

In dieses Rechtsbild gehört die heilige Überzeugung unserer Vorfahren, daß alles, was es an Leben auf dieser Erde gab und gibt, von Gott geschaffen und von Gott beseelt sei. Törichte, böswillige und dumme Leute haben daraus die Fabel, das Greuelmärchen gemacht, als hätten unsere Vorfahren Götter und Bäume angebetet. Nein, sie waren nach uraltem Wissen und uralter Lehre von der göttlichen Ordnung dieser ganzen Erde, der ganzen Pflanzen- und der ganzen Tierwelt überzeugt.
(In this obeying unalterable laws are included the sacred belief of our ancestors, that everything on this earth was created by God and inspired by God. Only foolish, malicious and stupid people created this pagan fable, the horror stories, that our ancestors worshipped gods and trees. No, they were convinced in God’s ancient knowledge and ancient teachings of His Divine Order of this world, wherein we were created in His image and where the plant and the animal world co-exists.) – Heinrich Himmler. [Die Schutzstaffel als antibolschewistische Kampforganisation (The SS as an Anti-Bolshevik Fighting Organization)]

In ideological training I forbid every attack against Christ as a person, since such attacks or insults that Christ was a Jew are unworthy of us and certainly untrue historically.
– Heinrich Himmler, Bundesarchiv Berlin-Zehlendorf, 28 June 1937: Berlin

Gott Mit Uns! (Isaiah 7:14 & Matthew 1:23), Atheism was banned within the SS with all SS men being required to list themselves as Protestant, Catholic or “believer in God” (Methodists) (German: Gottgläubig [not Odin/Wodan gläubig]), BUT GOD WITH US!

(To the Germans it was a rallying cry, “a Christian as well as an Imperial motto, the expression of German religious, political and ethnic single-mindedness, or the numerous unity of God’s altar, throne and Volk”) – most people get so confused with Heinrich Himmler and the “Ahnenerbe”, which in simple English terms means Ancestral Heritage (not pagan heritage, if it was pagan, it would be called “heidnischen Erbe”)

In Talmudic Yewbrew notzri (pronounced “nazi”), literally “Followers of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,” means “a Christian;” being that the Third Reich was the most Christianized Nation in Europe.

In the Wewelsburg castle there was also a Christian Chapel — The Latin inscription above the entrance “Domus mea domus orationis vocabitur” (My House shall be called a House of Prayer) reminds of the prince-episcopalian chapel which was placed in the ground floor of the tower originally (before the allies covered it up for the world to know about it).

The green mosaic “sun wheel” is in fact a representation of Christ  (John 8:12) and His Disciples in The Last Supper! The sun represents the Holy Scriptures, the Gospels (Malachi 4:2), “sun of righteousness”, symbolic of Christ.

1024px-Teutonic_Order_1260 1024px-Teutonic_Order_1410 1280px-Deutschmeisterwappen_mergentheim 1920px-Marienburg_2004_Panorama Matejko_Battle_of_Grunwald small_templar_sword_engraved_with_deus_vult_by_histophile-d89pbh6 spear_1

spear14 spear8

spear5 spear14 5 Reichsmark Military Church Deutscher_Orden_in_Europa_1300 762-503-442 Hermann_von_Salza_Painting Paide_ordulinnuse_varemed_2013 Peter_Janssen,_Kaiser_Friedrich_II Pommerellen

Der Lehrplan: Unterrichtsplan für die weltanschauliche Erziehung der SS und Polizei — The Lehrplan: Teaching Plan for the Ideological Education of the SS and Police in the NSDAP (translated by Carl Hottelet)

Der Lehrplan: Unterrichtsplan für die weltanschauliche Erziehung der SS und Polizei

Der Lehrplan: Unterrichtsplan für die weltanschauliche Erziehung der SS und Polizei. Dieser Lehrplan wurde erstellt unter Berücksichtigen der Tatsache, daß heute in der Waffen SS Freiwillgen aus fast aller Ländern Europas dienen. Es sind deshalb diejenigen Gesichts-punkte in der Vordergrund gestellt worden, die sie aus den europäischen Aufgaben der SS, vor allem im Kampf gegen den Bolschewismus, ergeben. Der Lehrplan ist sowohl für die reichsdeutschen Einheiten mit west-und osteuropäischen Mannschaften erarbeitet worden.


We have here before us a reprint of a rare relic of a bygone era–a document prepared under the the auspices of what arguably may be well be the most controversial and most “hated” (note: by the bolshevik allies) political regime in all of recorded (recent) history: the National Socialist Government of the German Third Reich (1933-1945).

This document bears the title (in English translation), “The Lehrplan: Teaching Plan for the Ideological Education of the SS and Police.” No author is credited. It has a a Third Reich stamp “GdV” on the German original: “Der Lehrplan: Unterrichtsplan für die weltanschauliche Erziehung der SS und Polizei” and commented in German: “Dieser Lehrplan wurde erstellt unter Berücksichtigen der Tatsache, daß heute in der Waffen SS Freiwillgen aus fast aller Ländern Europas dienen. Es sind deshalb diejenigen Gesichts-punkte in der Vordergrund gestellt worden, die sie aus den europäischen Aufgaben der SS, vor allem im Kampf gegen den Bolschewismus, ergeben. Der Lehrplan ist sowohl für die reichsdeutschen Einheiten mit west-und osteuropäischen Mannschaften erarbeitet worden”.  At the bottom of the title page a legend in small type reads: “Erarbeitet und herausgegeben von SS-Hauptamt” (Compiled and Published by the SS Main Office. It was printed by Elsner Press, Berlin.)

Tens of thousands of young German men applied for the SS. Only the strong of heart, physically and intellectually superior candidates were accepted. An SS man was excepted to lay down his life for Gott, Volk and Vaterland, an oath to the Führer without question. here produced is part of an SS Recruitment Poster 1941.

Tens of thousands of young German men applied for the SS. Only the strong of heart, physically and intellectually superior candidates were accepted. An SS man was excepted to lay down his life for Gott, Volk and Vaterland, an oath to the Führer without question. here produced is part of an SS Recruitment Poster 1941.

The translation (by Carl Hottelet) in the original copy of the document from which this translation was made, does not have the original German section “Die lebensgesetzlichen Grundlagen unserer Weltanschauung” (“The Fundamental Laws of Life of Our World View”) (However, the bottom link for the German version (editors’ note), does include it, please note the *** or the mistranslated English [ed note] at the bottom). It shows no date of publication. Internal evidence enables us to estimate that date fairly closely: near the end of 1943, or early in 1944. It mentions social legislation enacted in May, 1942. It refers to the rescue of Benito Mussolini from Marshall Badoglio’s forces in Gran Sasso by Otto Skorzensky and his paratroopers. That was in September, 1943. In any case this teaching plan was issued months after the fateful battle of Stalingrad (November 1942 – February 1943) when the German leadership that—barring a miracle—the chance of a military victory over the Soviets had been lost. There are subtle signs that the National Socialist leadership had begun to feel war’s weight more and more heavily. The paper is of inferior grade. There is evident effort to compress as much text as possible on a page; the itself is smaller than normal (from the first original publications). the typography is reduced. In places it is smudged attesting to poor ink, worn type, or an outworn printing form. The German reads, in part, as written under strain, and toward the end in haste, and foreshortened.

Withal, this document as no other, gives us directly and by implication, the thinking of the National Socialist leaders as manifested in the cultural, historical, biological and moral teaching of young SS volunteers.

What of the Waffen SS that compiled and incredible record of heroic and honourable conduct during war, particularly against the Allies (JAMS)? It attracted the most idealistic, the most intelligent, and the bravest, young men in all of Europe and beyond. They came, of their own free will, by the hundreds of thousands. They—and their comrades in the Wehrmacht (the German Army)—were the only soldiers in any nation (except the allies who were fed with anti-German hatred and hysteria) that were not lied into the war. The Waffen SS—and their comrades in the Wehrmacht were the only soldiers who knew why they were fighting, and what they were fighting for. (The allies—with few exceptions—still don’t know).

Es Lebe Deutschland!

Es Lebe Deutschland!

Two observations, to help our understanding and appreciation of the teaching plan, may be in order. “Ideology” is the ordinary rendition of “Weltanschauung”, but neither a satisfactory version of the other. “Weltanschauung” is one of those German philosophy terms that, in a language other than German, probably can be stated best in classical Greek. It is broader, and more profound, than “Ideology”. It was “Weltanschauung” that the teaching plan imparted. Then, the young recruits, were addressed by the informal “Du” (you), not by the formal “Sie” (Thou). This set a different tone. It gave the young recruit the sense of belonging to a brotherhood—it strengthened comradeship among the soldiers, and with their leaders.

What may we expect to find in this relic of the Third Reich—this unique teaching plan?

The reader—especially if he has been conditioned to equate “Nazi” with “evil”, will be astounded by what he finds, and perhaps so, by what he does not find! The reader for example, will find respect for all life, for the natural order and the existential law, for God’s creations, for the working of Divine Providence (a Christian title for our Lord God). What the reader will find is not hatred, not even if the enemies that gave the most extreme provocation. on the one hand were the Bolshevists inflaming their followers with mindless, all-consuming-hatred, exhorting them: “Kill the men. Kill the children. Rape the women”—which they did, to the accompaniment of other bone-chilling atrocities. And there were the British, with “Bomber Harris”—a peculiarly callous sadistic English mass murderer—doing just that, from 20.000 feet above with high explosives and phosphor bombs raining from above, causing the most excruciating deaths of tens of hundred thousands of children, women, the elderly, men in each attack. Joined in by the loud applause of the Americans! Despite this, the Germans did not return the same hatred incessantly spewed at them by the Bolshevists and by the “great” British-American “defenders” of “democracy”.

In short, the reader will find the opposite of what propaganda had led him to expect; he will not find what the propaganda has been teaching as “fact” in the history books and has been portraying without end in the major media for 70 years. The teaching plan occupies itself less with “ideology” (in the Anglo-American sense) than its title would lead one to expect, and will reward the reader with fascinating history—ancient and modern—that he will not have read or been taught.

The adulation of Adolf Hitler appearing in the teaching plan may strike the Anglo-American reader as being a bit much. And so it would have been—in ordinary times. But the times were from what we call “ordinary”. Nor was Adolf Hitler an “ordinary” man.

In 1933, in the last hour, Adolf Hitler had saved the German people—and with them; Europe—from a catastrophe that would have endured for centuries; Bolshevik revolution (fomented by alien Jews almost exclusively) and seizure of power (as had occurred in Bavaria, Vienna, and was attempted elsewhere).

He had restored the self-respect of the German, given them new hope, back their Christian Faith, and he was leading the country to normalcy and prosperity. Ten years later—after a devastating war had once again been forced upon the German nation, on the German Empire, despite all of Adolf Hitler’s efforts to prevent it and ward it off and then to stop it once it had been declared — Adolf Hitler was in his Spartan general headquarters in East Prussia directing the campaign of the German Army and the hundreds of thousands of Waffen SS volunteers from all across Europe against the Bolshevists in the courageous fight for European freedom.

From the thousands of men who served under Adolf Hitler, from their testimony, from observers as disparate as Christa Schroeder, his secretary, and Leon Degrelle, a Belgian, and a general in the Waffen SS, the adulation was sincere—and merited! It appropriate to recall that Fraulein Schroeder was among those who wanted to stay with Adolf Hitler and had to be ordered out of the bunker on the 30th of April 1945.

To the outsider, the appellations of “Socialism” and “Socialist” are vague and rubbery. Superficial observers contend that socialism is socialism and since Marxist “socialism” is what it is, anything else with the name “socialist” has to be the same. This, however, is a fundamental misconception; National Socialism, or German ethical socialism, is the very antithesis of Marxism!

Contrary to Marxism and the “docu-drama” treatment of National Socialism (which has become the official “academic” and “historical” version), National Socialism held the family to be the vital core of the German Volk; it was nurtured and protected. National Socialism encouraged self-development in the individual and the cultivation of private initiative and enterprise. The right to private ownership is natural and assured. Adolf Hitler was patron and protector of the family, the fist family environmentalist.

Adolf Hitler detested corporate gigantism, or swollen agri-business—whether state-owned or private—as anti-human, unnatural and counter-productive. Monopoly was regulated for the greater good of the public “common interest, before the self-interest”.

He abolished labour unions, thereby freeing the workers from the tyranny of corrupt labour bosses. At the same time, he dissolved the employer’s associations. If there were no strikes, neither were their any lockouts (which were exploited by corporate bosses for exploitation of the worker). The workers thus were also safe from arbitrary acts from employers. Disputes that could not be settled directly went to state-sponsored arbitration. No economic damage was suffered by either side or by the nation. German society was spared agitation and unrest.

In direct contrast to the monetary system of the West, particularly Britain and the U.S. the poeple’s money was issued by the state, not by private bankers. National Economic Policy was made on the basis of the best interests of the German Nation, of the German Volk (people), not the private profit of anonymous international bankers (gangsters).

National Socialism’s ruling precept was simple: “The common good, before individual benefit” (“common interest, before the self-interest”.) To summarize, we are indebted to the noted historian, Don Salavadore Borrego, who has pointed out how remarkably National Socialist principles and practices coincide with those propounded in Papal Encyclicals”! (*note: the author is well all aware of what is happening today with the anti-Pope/s, so spare us a “lecture”).

When the SS Directorate drew up the teaching plan, it was naturally, well aware that the students for whom it was intended were distinctively above-average intelligence, and compromised a higher proportion of university-educated men that found their way in any other army. The teaching plan was designed accordingly!

"Day of the German Police" Winter  Aid (WHV -- Das Winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes), January 29th, 1941.

“Day of the German Police” Winter Aid (WHV — Das Winterhilfswerk des Deutschen Volkes), January 29th, 1941.

Due, to the influence of the teaching plan, the young soldier of the Waffen SS, when he took to the field, did so without thoughts of rape, plunder and murder—-unlike the “crusaders” under the Anglo-American-Bolshevik flag of “democracy”.

It never occurred to the authorities of villages and towns in the path of advancing Waffen SS or Wehrmacht units to distribute cyanide capsules to the female inhabitants to spare them from rape and a brutal despicable butcher, as was the case with the approaching Bolsheviks/Red Army. Citizens of communities knew they would be safe with the Germans.

The situation was tragically different for German children and women in the face of the advancing Red hordes or communist partisans. Rather than risk the bestial clutch of a Soviet “liberator”, all too many German girls and women swallowed the vial of poison that have been given to them in their last “defense”. The “Chivalrous” Allies were no less different!

Allied Terror Against German Children, Women, the Elderly!

Allied Terror Against German Children, Women, the Elderly!

The teaching plan refers to the Origins of Europe, Charlemagne as unifier of Europe, Christianity is not demonized, it is fundamental as being of benefit for Europeans. The old lie of the SS was “pagan” and “occult” is herewith debunked!

The teaching plan refers to blood and race a number of times. The approach might be deemed “universal”. There are no value judgements. The emphasis throughout is on racial purity as being fundamental benefit to all races and peoples. The matter-of-fact assumption and statement of equality of Western and Eastern Europeans soldiers with German soldiers is sufficient in itself to stifle the old lie that Germans regarded themselves as “superior”, and looked down on others as “inferior”.

There is no word in the teaching plan about “lesser breeds beyond the pale”. There is no hypocritical cant about the “white man’s burden”. Nor is there even one of the ethic and racial pejoratives—German is singularly free of them—with which the American and the English languages are replete. Our thesaurus of ethnic endearments—but not that of the German language—holds something for everyone.

Least of all could the teaching plan present anything so alien to the German character, so utterly abhorrent to the moral sense and the temperament of the German soldier as the dehumanization and diabolization of the soldier on the other side as has been the routine Anglo-American propaganda and military practice for centuries—and so is to this day.

When the enemy has been changed into a faceless monster—whether he be “jap” or a “gook” or a “Hun” or a “Kraut” or “fuzzy wuzzy”—and thereby deprived of his condition of humanity, all means to slaughter him and his kind—whether it be by starvation, phosphor bombs or atomic bombs—are accepted.

Colonel Conrad Lanza, U.S. Army, on detached duty as observer with the German Army, was with its advance elements as it swept into France in May, 1940. Subsequently, he wrote in the U.S. Field Artillery Journal to his astonishment at the lengths to which the German soldier would go, even to risking his own life in the effort, to persuade an enemy soldier whose position had become hopeless to surrender, instead of killing him.

The races were created different from one another. Only Bolshevists, Marxists, Democrats and other egalitarian zealots will (in the face of highly visible evidence to the contrary) assert, obdurately for their own special purpose, they are all alike. They deny each race its individuality and rob it of its naturally endowed character.

The teaching plan urges that its is to the advantage of every other race—and thus the human race—-to conserve its ethnic race, to cultivate its own genius, to preserve its distinctive character. Difference need not, and should not, mean conflict. The teaching plan alludes to “high quality races” and to “races closer to nature”. The terms are left unqualified, and the races are not named or otherwise identified. As a man loves his parents, his wife, his children above all other people, without thereby lessening his respect for the parents and the families of others, so do Germans cherish the Germanic race as their own, without diminishing in the least respect for other races.

Indeed, all modern-day considerations of National Socialism are brought up short with the “Nuremberg Laws”. Those laws are treated quite adequately in the teaching plan. They have been denounced in the press propaganda machine for years as the most infamous code since Thugee. Yet, when the modern state of Israel was founded, laws that were a mirror image of the Nuremberg Laws were incorporated into Israel’s Constitution and remain today without criticism from the very same propaganda press machine!

As with race, so with culture. There are no value judgements. There is neither “superior” nor “inferior”. The teaching plan councils love for one’s own culture, respect for others. When understanding and appreciation of European culture is emphasized and fostered it is not exalted above all the rest. It is only natural to recognize that there are non-European cultures of the highest order.

One might summarize the National Socialist view to wit: “We stand at awe at the Gate of Ishtar, before the Abu Simbel and Luxor; the calenders and the pyramids of the Mayas. But they do not move us; they are not ours. They do not touch our souls, as does an Italian campanile, a Gothic cathedral, the Parthenon”. There is but only love for European culture! In this teaching plan there is respect for other cultures, unlike what the allies did in “The Physical and Cultural Destruction Of Germany (and Europe)”.

The Germans—who are among the most tolerant peoples and the least inclined to meddle into the affairs of others—have an old saying, actually, a moral precept, a simple one, easy to keep in mind. It goes: “Andere Länder andere Sitten”. That is: “Other countries, other customs”. It cautions implicitly against judging, or prejudging, others. It inhibits any impulse—historically feeble in Germans in any case—to convert or reform. Other countries, other customs. We accept them, or avoid them. We do not try to change them.

National Socialism inherited and maintained this principle. Its primary concern was ALWAYS domestic, for the well-being of the German people. National Socialism is not for export! Well into the war, the National Socialists were still enacting social legislation. As we learn from the teaching plan, a law for the protection of the working mother was published in may, 1942 while the aerial assassins of “Bomber Harris” were dropping their phosphor bombs. The law guaranteed the mother financial security and provided for undisturbed time for her to care for her nursing infant/s. Half a century later in the “great democracy” of the United States and United Kingdom working women still wait for such a law.

In contrast to the Anglo-America’s manic missionary obsession to “intervene” in every overseas “quarrel” or better said “created quarrels”, going back to at least Woodrow Wilson’s war to make the world “safe for democracy”, in all of the many references to National Socialism in the teaching plan there is not even one hint that the Third Reich ever dreamed of exporting or imposing itself abroad.

After the pre-planned genocidal world war against the Germans ended, in May of 1945, Winston Churchill (who bore a large part for the war and its consequences) “remarked”: “I guess we killed the wrong pig”

Millions of Germans were brutally murdered, more than a million German soldiers starved to death in Eisenhower’s death pens. Four million, out of fifteen million women, children and the elderly (6 million remains unaccounted for until today)—were butchered as they were driven from their ancient homelands in the ghastliest “ethnic cleansing” yet recorded. But after all this was said and done Churchill concluded that the “wrong pig” had been “killed”. He would have been rather more in order had he acknowledged that it was no a pig that have been murdered, but that pigs had done the killing!

Either way, no single comment displays more starkly and more frighteningly the nature of Anglo-American “democracy”; its arrogant hypocrisy, ignorance and amorality. Rejection of responsibility for even its most obviously war crimes, the looting, plundering, theft and the illegal occupation of Germany. The substitution of lies as “historical  facts”. Addiction to expediency. Craving for world domination. Plutocratic exploitation of its people and objects. The constant lust for money, killing and war, demonstrated again, numerous times after 1945! The difference between “democracy” and National Socialism is staggering and fearful.

On March 24, 1933 world Jewry declared war on Germany. Not on Adolf Hitler or on National Socialism, but on Germany!

On March 24, 1933 world Jewry declared war on Germany. Not on Adolf Hitler or on National Socialism, but on Germany!

On March 24, 1933 world Jewry declared war on Germany. Not on Adolf Hitler or on National Socialism, but on Germany! With that the fuse was lit for World War II. The hate campaign which begun long before in 1914 resumed with ever intensifying ferocity. While it encompassed Germany with all Germans, its frenzy was concentrated on National Socialism, its leadership and its tenets, and for obvious reason.

At the same time, the orchestrators of the propaganda took utmost care that the truth of National Socialism—both in theory and practice—should not be known to the Anglo-American people.

The political have discovered there is no less facile and effective device than a howl of “Nazi!” to distract their constituents’ attention from real problems: job loss, rising cost, lack of health insurance, unsafe streets, increasing and worsening crime of every type, the danger that their children will be raped or murdered in the public schools, the downward spiral of the Western standard of living, the mass invasion of non-European races, as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer—to specify a few.

The politicians, academics, and the media conspire to conceal the fact that it is they who have made these problems insoluble. They conspired to conceal another fact: that National Socialism, at its very beginning in 1923, faced similar conditions, many of them vastly aggravated, in circumstances that were far worse! Germany has been bankrupted, drained of every resource, even foodstuffs, that could be transported by vindictive enemies. The German populace was hungering and starving because of savage British naval blockades that killed 2 million Germans. Over half the workforce had no work. Germany’s Hyperinflation 1918-1923 A “Private Affair” Just the basics of bread, butter—when there was bread or butter, could hardly be afforded! The general hopelessness and despair caused over 500,000 thousand suicides per year (in a populace of 60 million) before 1933. Cities were turning into whores of Babylon with sexual perversity of all kinds, subversiveness and destruction against Christian morals and principles!

And all the while, the predatory parasitic aliens (allies) bloated themselves on the thin blood of the German people!

Reichsmark to US Dollar 1918-1923 Hyperinflatiom

Reichsmark to US Dollar 1918-1923 Hyperinflatiom

Let this be said without hesitation: Adolf Hitler and the National socialists met these problems and solved them—evenhandedly, humanely—benefiting all Germans!

The conspiracy of modern-day propaganda, media, politicians and academics to suppress this has been extremely harmful to the German Nation today, it is even harmful for the Anglo-American people, the eastern Europeans, by defrauding them of the truth of National Socialism and Germany; its history; its people; its culture; a truth they desperately need to confront to the very same problems today in Europe, in Anglo-America.

A careful reading and analysis of the teaching plan by those who care to seek and to know the truth, will open up new vistas and provide the present-day reader with an “alternative” view of history—one that will, in its own way, help history into accord with facts.

The teaching plan have been written mainly for the Waffen SS, it is fitting that this introductory essay end with a final note and with a salute: “Ave atque vale! Auf Wiedersehen in besseren Zeiten! Au revoir en temps meilleurs! Farewell—until better times!”


Toms River, New JerseyJuly 16, 1996.

The Lehrplan Teaching Plan for Ideological Education of the SS and Police

The Lehrplan Teaching Plan for Ideological Education of the SS and Police

Download in the original German here:  Der Lehrplan: Unterrichtsplan für die weltanschauliche Erziehung der SS und Polizei – (Erarbeitet und herausgegeben von SS-Hauptamt)

The English Translation can be purchased here: The Lehrplan: Teaching Plan for Ideological Education of the SS and Police (Compiled and edited by SS Main Office [translated by Carl Hottelet])

***“Die lebensgesetzlichen Grundlagen unserer Weltanschauung” (“The life-statutory foundations of our world view”) in English of the fourth chapter (and NOT a correct translation of the original German, neither is there such thing as “Libertarian National Socialist Green Party” and stop bastardizing National Socialism with your foreign Judaical Anglo-Americanism ideas) [ed note: working on the English translation]

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The current author of this blog is a direct descendant of two of these SS men, from me, may my forebear rest in peace, may your names be exonerated from the lies. Gott Mit Uns, für Gott, Volk und Vaterland! Und bis wir uns wiedersehen! — Wolfgang

Christian Principles of National Socialism

(author’s note: Thank you to my friend and Brother In Christ for the making of the above video!)

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