Cum Nimis Absurdum: Nuremberg Laws Were Catholic Papal Laws

Papa Paolo IV In 1555, Pope Paul IV wrote Cum Nimis Absurdum

Papa Paolo IV In 1555, Pope Paul IV wrote Cum Nimis Absurdum

Germany: Return Of The Holy Roman Empire: In a previous post I pointed out “To summarize, we are indebted to the noted historian, Don Salavadore Borrego, who has pointed out how remarkably National Socialist principles and practices coincide with those propounded in Papal Encyclicals”! (*ed note: the author is well all aware of what is happening today with the anti-Pope/s, so spare us a “lecture”, hence “Sedevacantism / sede vacante” is the position, held by traditional Catholics)” 

Papa Paolo IV In 1555, Pope Paul IV wrote Cum Nimis Absurdum and Jews were restricted to ghettos (ed note: apart from constantly being expelled completely) remained in Europe for the next 315 years, which after “emancipation of a minority” circa 1870 in Continental Europe the Jewish greed would take over again.

This Papal bull (law) introduced a series of religious and economic restrictions on Jews throughout Europe:

“1. Desiring firstly, as much as we can with (the help of) God, to beneficially provide, by this (our decree) that will forever be in force, we ordain that for the rest of time, in the City as well as in other states, territories and domains of the Church of Rome itself, all Jews are to live in only one (quarter) to which there is only one entrance and from which there is but one exit, and if there is not that capacity (in one such quarter, then), in two or three or however many may be enough; (in any case) they should reside entirely side by side in designated streets and be thoroughly separate from the residences of Christians, (This is to be enforced) by our authority in the City and by that of our representatives in other states, lands and domains noted above.

2. Furthermore, in each and every state, territory and domain in which they are living, they will have only one synagogue, in its customary location, and they will construct no other new ones, nor can they own buildings. Furthermore, all of their synagogues, besides the one allowed, are to be destroyed and demolished. And the properties, which they currently own, they must sell to Christians within a period of time to be determined by the magistrates themselves.

3. Moreover, concerning the matter that Jews should be recognizable everywhere: (to this end) men must wear a hat, women, indeed, some other evident sign, yellow in color, that must not be concealed or covered by any means, and must be tightly affixed (sewn); and furthermore, they can not be absolved or excused from the obligation to wear the hat or other emblem of this type to any extent whatever and under any pretext whatsoever of their rank or prominence or of their ability to tolerate (this) adversity, either by a chamberlain of the Church, clerics of an apostolic court, or their superiors, or by legates of the Holy See or their immediate subordinates.

4. Also, they may not have nurses or maids or any other Christian domestic or service by Christian women in wet-nursing or feeding their children.

5. They may not work or have work done on Sundays or on other public feast days declared by the Church.

6. Nor may they incriminate Christians in any way, or promulgate false or forged agreements.

7. And they may not presume in any way to play, eat or fraternize with Christians.

8. And they cannot use other than Latin or Italian words in short-term account books that they hold with Christians, and, if they should use them, such records would not be binding on Christians (in legal proceedings).

9. Moreover, these Jews are to be limited to the trade of rag-picking, or “cencinariae” (as it is said in the vernacular), and they cannot trade in grain, barley or any other commodity essential to human welfare.

10. And those among them who are physicians, even if summoned and inquired after, cannot attend or take part in the care of Christians.

11. And they are not to be addressed as superiors (even) by poor Christians.

12. And they are to close their (loan) accounts entirely every thirty days; should fewer than thirty days elapse, they shall not be counted as an entire month, but only as the actual number of days, and furthermore, they will terminate the reckoning as of this number of days and not for the term of an entire month. In addition, they are prohibited from selling (goods put up as) collateral, put up as temporary security for their money, unless (such goods were) put up a full eighteen months prior to the day on which such (collateral) would be forfeit; at the expiration of the aforementioned number of months, if Jews have sold a security deposit of this sort, they must sign over all money in excess of the principal of the loan to the owner of the collateral.

13. And the statutes of states, territories and domains (in which they have lived for a period of time) concerning primacy of Christians, are to be adhered to and followed without exception.

14. And, should they, in any manner whatsoever, be deficient in the foregoing, it would be treated as a crime: in Rome, by us or by our clergy, or by others authorized by us, and in the aforementioned states, territories and domains by their respective magistrates, just as if they were rebels and criminals by the jurisdiction in which the offense takes place, they would be accused by all Christian people, by us and by our clergy, and could be punished at the discretion of the proper authorities and judges.

15. (This will be in effect) notwithstanding opposing decrees and apostolic rules, and regardless of any tolerance whatever or special rights and dispensation for these Jews (granted) by any Roman Pontiff prior to us and the aforementioned See or of their legates, or by the courts of the Church of Rome and the clergy of the Apostolic courts, or by other of their officials, no matter their import and form, and with whatever (even with repeated derogations) and with other legally valid sub-clauses, and erasures and other decrees, even (those that are) “motu proprio” and from “certain knowledge” and have been repeatedly approved and renewed.”


Germany brought back all of these laws and more.

The Nuremberg Laws, passed in 1935, were clearly influenced by Catholic policy:

“Section 1

1. Marriages between Jews and citizens of German or kindred blood are forbidden. Marriages concluded in defiance of this law are void, even if, for the purpose of evading this law, they were concluded abroad.

2. Proceedings for annulment may be initiated only by the Public Prosecutor.

Section 2

Extramarital sexual intercourse between Jews and subjects of the state of Germany or related blood is forbidden.

Section 3

Jews will not be permitted to employ female citizens under the age of 45, of German or kindred blood, as domestic workers.

Section 4

1. Jews are forbidden to display the Reich and national flag or the national colours.

2.On the other hand, they are permitted to display the Jewish colours. The exercise of this right is protected by the State.

Section 5

1. A person who acts contrary to the prohibition of Section 1 will be punished with hard labour.

2. A person who acts contrary to the prohibition of Section 2 will be punished with imprisonment or with hard labour.”

Cum Nimis Absursdum” and the Nuremberg Laws had slightly different approaches. “Cum Nimis Absurdum” focused on religion, the Nuremberg Laws mentioned “blood” and “race” i.e. to preserve our unique European culture, heritage and history, and this was complimented in full within the 25 Point Third Reich Christian Principles of National Socialism

However, both had the same goals and strategies. Both implemented Jewish Ghettos forced Jews to wear badges of identification.

Both were created with the same goal: Protecting European society against foreign influences, defending Christendom and preserving it.

Saint Thomas Aquinas has been given the Latin name “Doctor Angelicus” (the Angelic Doctor) and is widely considered the greatest philosopher and theologian of the Catholic Church.

In 1271, Countess Margaret of Flanders wrote him a letter and requested political advice. She wanted to know the Catholic view of the Jewish people.

In response, Saint Thomas Aquinas wrote:

Jews by reason of their fault are sentenced to perpetual servitude” for killing Jesus Christ.

He also noticed that Jews “seem to have nothing except what they acquired through the depravity of usury.”

Therefore, he believed that “Jews may not keep those things which they have extorted from others through usury”. He added “the Jew should be punished with a greater fine than anyone else in a similar case.”

Later in the letter, he wrote “Jews of each sex in all Christian provinces, and all the time, should be distinguished from other people by some clothing.”

The badges for Jews which were introduced by the Catholic Church did not start with the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215, it has a long history.

Pope Innocent III declared that “Jews and Muslims of both sexes in every Christian province and at all times shall be marked off in the eyes of the public from other peoples through the character of their dress.”

The Catholic Church forced the Jews to wear these badges to distinguish themselves from Christians.

Later, the Jewish Ghettos were invented by the Catholic Church in 1555.

Pope Paul IV wrote “Cum Nimis Absurdum”, which created the Roman Ghetto. The area was surrounded by four walls with three gates that were locked at night. These walls and gates were built by Italian architect Giovanni Sallustio Peruzzi. Pope Paul IV forced the Jews to fund the construction.

The location Pope Paul IV chose for the Roman ghetto was very dirty and often flooded by the Tiber River. Jews had to request permission to live there and had to pay a yearly tax to stay.

Each year, these Jews were required to swear loyalty to the Pope at the Arch of Titus in Rome (the Arch of Titus is an ancient Roman victory arch, which celebrated the Sack of Jerusalem, which destroyed the Jewish temple in 70 AD).

Their Rabbi was also forced to travel to Rome’s Capitoline Hill and meet with the political rulers of the city. In this “ceremony”, the Rabbi was kicked on his bottom. In exchange, the Jewish community was allowed to stay in Rome for one more year.

The Roman Ghetto existed for more than 500 years and protected Catholics from the Jews.

In 1798, Napoleon invaded Rome and took over the Papal States. He allowed Jews to leave the ghetto and live anywhere in the city.

The next year though, the Papal States were restored and the Catholic Church forced the Jews to return to the ghetto.

The Papal States officially dissolved when they were absorbed by the Kingdom of Italy in 1870. However, Jews were still forced to live in the ghetto until 1882.

Therefore, the Roman Ghetto was the last remaining ghetto in Europe until they were brought back in the 1930s.

On April 26th 1933, Hitler had a well documented meeting with the Bishop of Osnabrück Wilhelm Berning. During this meeting, Hitler explained:

As for the Jews, I am just carrying on with the same policy which the Catholic Church has adopted for fifteen hundred years, when it has regarded the Jews as dangerous and pushed them into ghettos.”

Then, Hitler added:

I don’t put race above religion, but I do see the dangers in the representatives of this race for Church and State, and perhaps I am doing Christianity a great service.”

The list of expulsions of Jews from European society and Papal Bulls against the Jews started long before with Gregory I, in 598 A.D.

Long Live Catholic Europe!

Featuring: Generalissimo Francisco Franco (Spain), Miguel Primo de Rivera (Spain), Jose Primo de Rivera (Spain), Antonio Oliveira de Salazar (Portugal), Philippe Petain (France), Leon Degrelle (Belgium), Kurt Alois Josef Johann Schuschnigg (Austria), Dr. Jozef Tiso (Slovakia), Andrej Hlinka (Slovakia), Dr. Ante Pavelic (Croatia), and “Il Duce” Benito Mussolini (Italy), with special appearances by Adolf Hitler (Germany).

Adolf Hitler Defended Catholic Dogma:

The Catholic Church should not deceive herself: if National Socialism does not succeed in defeating Bolshevism, then Church and Christianity in Europe too are finished. Bolshevism is the mortal enemy of the Church as much as of Fascism. …Man cannot exist without belief in God. – Adolf Hitler in conversation with Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber of Bavaria, November 4, 1936

“It must be noted too that the attack on the dogmatic principles underlying ecclesiastical teaching increased steadily in violence. And yet this human world of ours would be inconceivable without the practical existence of a religious belief. The great masses of a nation are not composed of philosophers. For the masses of the people, especially faith is absolutely the only basis of a moral outlook on life. The various substitutes that have been offered have not shown any results that might warrant us in thinking that they might usefully replace the existing denominations. But if religious teaching and religious faith were once accepted by the broad masses as active forces in their lives, then the absolute authority of the doctrines of faith would be the foundation of all practical effort. There may be a few hundreds of thousands of superior men who can live wisely and intelligently without depending on the general standards that prevail in everyday life, but the millions of others cannot do so. Now the place which general custom fills in everyday life corresponds to that of general laws in the State and dogma in religion. The purely spiritual idea is of itself a changeable thing that may be subjected to endless interpretations. It is only through dogma that it is given a precise and concrete form without which it could not become a living faith. Otherwise the spiritual idea would never become anything more than a mere metaphysical concept, or rather a philosophical opinion. Accordingly the attack against dogma is comparable to an attack against the general laws on which the State is founded. And so this attack would finally lead to complete political anarchy if it were successful, just as the attack on religion would lead to a worthless religious nihilism.” – Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

Following the commemorative activities of 10 June 1923, which included a massive rally in honour of Albert Leo Schlageter, staged on Munich’s Konigsplatz and attended by 20-30000 activists—a Catholic memorial mass was held immediately after the rally in St. Boniface Abbey, organised exclusively by the NSDAP which was presided over by Schachleiter — Schachleiter could also consecrate the standards of the SA. Schachleiter delivered a eulogistic sermon that was remembered as having a powerful impact—a young and devoutly pious Heinrich Himmler joined the NSDAP in the wake of Schachleiters eulogy! Hitler visited in mid-May to personally congratulate Schachleiter on his 50th anniversary as a Benedictine. Following his (Schachleiter) death in June 1937 the Third Reich ordered a state funeral arranged by Bavarian minister-president Ludwig Siebert.