The Devil and His False Faces

The mongrelized mind of the spirit called Satan is continuously transforming himself into a messenger of light, often posing as apostles or servants of the Most High God. The mongrelized minded would appear to have the advantage in that they are able to tell any lie, assume any guise, or take any title, while the Christian is bound to continue in the teachings of Jesus Christ as stated in the Word of God.

But the truth is that it is the Christian who has the advantage of having the written Word of God, witnessed in his conscious by the leadership of the Holy Spirit of Truth. The Satanic mongrel philosophy has through the ages been an infectious and hideous mentality that has twisted and perverted not only the Word of God but even the common sense laws of nature. The Hindu, the Babylonian, the Buddhist, and the Jewish Talmudist have all sought to infest their mongrelized philosophies in the white man’s religion and in the white man’s political body. The pagan degenerate philosophers of Greece and Rome are the most classic example of the infusing of mongrelized political and religious philosophy among the thoughts and writings of Aryan (Adamic) (see my note on the word Aryan) men.

It is then small wonder that the official and prevailing religion of America is Humanism, by decision of the Supreme Court in 1966 making it a recognized establishment and giving it the seal of decency, which in effect has further strengthened the Babylonian establishment of evil, and the Court recognizes only Judaized, Judeo perverted and apostate Christianity as official manifestations of the Christian religion. But, the ancient documents of Europe (and especially the National Socialist Third Reich!!!) and the United States of America (which constituted by far the largest proportion of Germans, Irish, Italians, Europeans with strong Christian principles), including most all state constitutions before the so-called Civil War and all precedent-setting decisions of the early Supreme Court of the United States (less can be said about the “British Empire” [perhaps before the “Norman” invasion]), did not recognize atheistic, mongrel religion as a legitimate establishment. In the last two hundred years, the atheist mongrels have formed various coalitions, most often by the direction of the Talmudic, atheist Jew and have, like cowards in secret, formed organizations such as the Masons and Rosicrucian’s and Spiritualists and sought to corrupt and brainwash the European (Adamic) man, woman and child, generation after generation.

The antichrist atheists purposely invaded the European (and what’s left of Anglo-American) institutions of higher learning and corrupted the Christian educational system and thereafter systematically corrupted the churches and the pulpits of Europe [and the Anglo-American world] [especially after the occupation of Europe after WW II] and in this way they relentlessly sought to manipulate and control public opinion and to stifle any exercise of freedom of speech that dared to raise its voice in opposition to Babylonian atheism, cloaking itself in the Syncretic philosophy of Deism, which in truth and reality is nothing more than the intoxicating religious wine of the whore of Babylon who has made all the nations drunk with her whorish, idolatrous, atheistic philosophy.

Whore of Babylon

Whore of Babylon

Thus we see that there have been an innumerable number of departures from the truth of the Christian Scripture, in many directions and under many philosophical banners. One of the most hideous teachings of modernistic theology has been the teaching of the philosophy known as Deism. Deism is defined in our commonly recognized authorities as,

“[A] natural religion based on human reason and morality, on the belief in one God who after creating the world and the laws governing it refrained from interfering with the operation of those laws, and on the rejection of every kind of supernatural intervention in human affairs” (Webster’s Third New International).

The first problem with Deism is that it does not believe or accept the Holy Scriptures as divine revelation of the Aryan (Adamic) God speaking to Aryan (Adamic) man. The second problem with Deism is that it is not theistic, meaning that it does not believe in a personal God dwelling in or directing the thoughts and behaviour of God’s chosen people. In plain language, Deism, under its many names, rejects the idea of a personal Communion and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit.

It should be obvious to any thinking person that anyone can say that he believes in an undefined God.

In fact, all the mongrelized religions of the world profess to believe in a God or many gods. The Bible says that even the devils in Hell profess to believe in God. When it comes to considering the position of Deism, it becomes clear that the Deist does not believe and therefore rejects the character of the Just and True God as revealed in the Scripture, since the Deist rejects the idea of revelation or God speaking to His chosen people. Moreover, Deism and the practice of it is completely contradictory to what the Bible teaches New Covenant Christianity to be. New Covenant Christianity first recognizes an honourable and just God whose integrity is beyond reproach or compromise and accepts the Bible as inspired writing in the belief and understanding that God the Father is speaking to His chosen people, manifesting His Just Judgements, norms, and standards of true justice.

In addition to this, the Bible teaches that God is immutably sovereign, and in the person of Jesus Christ rules and reigns over the universe and especially over His chosen people whom He created to be His portion of the earth, the temples in whom He would dwell upon the earth and who in accordance with the direction and commands of His Word would administer His will on the earth, establishing the justice of God and the continued progress of God’s chosen people, the Adamic race. Deism is by no means a clearly defined and set theology. It is in truth the philosophy of all things to all men. Often, it runs parallel with the mongrel religion of pantheism. For clarity, pantheism is defined as:

“The doctrine that the universe conceived of as a whole is God: the doctrine that there is no God but the combined forces and laws manifested in the existing universe” (Webster’s Third New International).

Thus, we see by the very definition that there is a clear relationship between Deism and Pantheism.

Both are systems of infidelity to the Living God of the Bible, and both are atheistic in their rejection of Jesus Christ as God in the flesh.

It will no doubt shock and surprise a great number of people when they turn in their Bibles and read II John (vs. 8-9) to understand that the philosophies of men, their vain speculations, their endless rationalizations, and their self-justification systems are all biblically defined as atheistic in their rejection of Jesus Christ as the final revelation of Almighty God to Aryan (Adamic) man.

“Watch yourselves, lest you lose the things we worked out, but that you may receive a full reward. Everyone transgressing and not abiding in the teaching of the Anointed does not have God. The one abiding in the teaching, this one has the Father and the Son” (II John 8-10 AST).

Thus, true positive Christianity from the Word of God defines any deviate belief system that is in contradiction to true Christianity as atheistic.

Closely akin to Deism and Pantheism, which are in truth merely different philosophical labels for the same infidelity of the mongrelized mind, is the atheistic philosophy of Cosmotheism. Cosmotheism is defined as,

“Ascription of divinity to the cosmos: identification of God with the world: Pantheism” (Webster’s Third New International).

All of these and many other philosophical labels are simply new names placed upon the old Babylonian, Hedonistic, Syncretic, and atheistic philosophies. According to the Bible, all of these philosophies ultimately lead to the mongrelization of the Adamic (European) Race. They are in agreement with the ancient mongrel philosophies of the Hindus and Buddhists.

Thus, Deism is the atheistic philosophy best known in America and is the basic satanic philosophy of such atheistic organizations as the Freemasons, the Rosicrucian’s, and Talmudic Judaism. Zionistic, Talmudic Judaism in truth acts as the vanguard for the entire Satanic, Hedonistic and Babylonian system.

To understand Talmudic Judaism, it is important to understand that it has its origins in the Syncretic Deism of ancient Babylon. When the nation of Judea was captured by the Babylonians in 586 B.C., the majority of the people were seduced by the materialistic tenets of the philosophy of Babylonian Deism and adopted the philosophical tenets of the Babylonian Talmud. After the Medes and Persians captured  Babylon, many of the sincere and white Judeans (Galatians) sought to return to their homeland and once again establish the nation of Judah Israel. In the process of time in the re-establishment of that doomed nation, the Syncretic Deists corrupted the white priesthood with a materialistic compromise: the white priesthood would be allowed the spoils of the temple in their vocation, while the political administration of the nation would be turned over to the Syncretic Deists. From that time forward, a philosophical change occurred in the political philosophy of the nation. Nation would no longer be defined in the ancient Biblical definition of race but would now be defined upon a phony political philosophy in terms of a geographical area. In other words, the Judeans would allow and welcome mongrels and people who were not of Israelite lineage or blood to be called Judeans. In addition to this, allowances and compromises were further made to make the Judean, Jewish religion a proselytizing religion to bring into its fold non-Israelites who would profess to believe the now new Babylonian Jewish religion.

Thus, Babylonian Deism absorbed the ancient Hebrew religion and began perverting it and engineering it, socially and otherwise, to conform to Babylonian, Humanistic Deism. As a result, Talmudic Judaism came into existence, and as Babylonian Deism was a corrupting force behind the corruption of ancient Hebraism, which was distinguished by its adherence to its teachings regarding racial purity, so, in the same way, has the heady wine of Babylonian Deism sought to corrupt Christianity and once again use Christianity to its own corrupting and mongrelizing advantage.

Thus, atheistic Deism’s power of corruption lies in its ability to infiltrate and corrupt even those philosophies diametrically opposed to its satanic world order philosophy. Babylonian Talmudism or what is called Judaism is but one of the many false faces of the satanic philosophy of Deism. The mongrel-minded mentality of Satan operates with the ultimate goal of corrupting and destroying truth and purity. Those seduced by the lying mentality of hatred of the God of the Bible know no bounds for their corruption.

They are in their existence intellectually dishonest and insane, for they have in their hearts said that there is no God of the Bible and have become fools, fooled by the intoxicating wine of false and mongrelized religion of the Babylonian whore.

As we said in the beginning of this article, Deism is predicated upon rejecting the revelation of a personal God. The imaginary god of the Buddhists and Hindus in their pantheistic systems of idolatry is an impersonal god. To the mongrel, the universe, or the earth itself is all they can understand to be God. In general, Pantheism can be summed up by the following points.

1. It denies all dualism in the universe. All things are one, including good and evil, the infinite and the finite, God and man.

2. The world and everything in it are co-eternal with God.

3. There is therefore no such thing as creation as God would have had to create himself in creating the world.

4. Pantheism denies that God has either intelligence, consciousness, or will. It is therefore necessary for Pantheism to reject the white man’s Scriptures which reveal and define the divine attributes of the One True God.

5. Pantheism denies that God is a unique being with a unique personality and therefore lacks any specific characteristics.

6. Neither is man an individual being. He too lacks any specific characteristics and is essentially the same as any other substance in the universe. Thus, Pantheism makes no distinction between the Adamic (European Aryan) man, that is to say the Spirit-man, and the natural, animalistic man.

7. Any form of life after death or eternal life is precluded. It therefore degenerates into an elaborate system of reincarnations (Talmudic Kaballah) based upon the idea of the recycling of the natural elements. While this theory may be applicable to animals with no ability of true God-consciousness, it is certainly the height of stupidity for Adamic (European) Aryan man, created in the very image of God Himself, to allow himself to be intellectually seduced to the level of natural and uncreated men.

8. All actions of man, since man is only a mode of God’s existence, are actions of God himself and are therefore necessary and good, which is the ancient Babylonian philosophy of confusing good and evil with no distinctions between right and wrong.

9. This therefore precludes the possibility of sin or failure to measure up to the standards of God, as all of man’s actions are actions of God. This erroneously teaches the system of error that men can do no wrong.

10. Pantheism is self-deifying in that since God is the universe, we are God and we act for God. It is the ancient system of error and philosophy that seeks to usurp the very throne of God. It is that same system or error that the Scriptures describe as the antichrist, historically shown in the actions of Nero and the Edomite Jews.

“Do not let anyone deceive you, by any method, because first comes the falling away and the man of lawlessness is unveiled, the son of destruction, the one opposing and exalting himself over everything being called God, or object of worship, so as for him to sit in the house of God, displaying himself that he is a god” (II Thess. 2:3-4 AST).

  1. Finally, since all man’s actions are good and are acts of God, then all actions, including evil, are therefore acts of God. This in effect deifies evil. Ultimately, this atheistic philosophy leads to the insanity of a Jewish, Pantheist philosopher such as Spinoza. In Hunt’s Essay on Pantheism , 1866, p. 233, we find this summary of Spinoza’s pantheistic philosophy,

“To the pursuit of what is agreeable, and the hatred of the contrary, man is compelled by his nature, for ‘every one desires or rejects by necessity, according to the laws of his nature, that which he judges good or bad.’ To follow this impulse is not only a necessity but it is the right and the duty of every man, and everyone should be reckoned an enemy who wishes to hinder another in the gratification of the impulses of his nature. The measure every one’s right is his power. The best right is that of the strongest; and as the wise man has an absolute right to do all which reason dictates, or the right of living according to the laws of reason, so also the ignorant and foolish man has a right to live according to the laws of appetite.”

This rejection of the God of the Bible and His Revelation ultimately leads to a Saint Simon of the Communist-French Revolution, or a Karl Marx, or the Morals and Dogma of Albert Pike. This hideous, satanic philosophy may be dressed in the flowing, poetic prose of a Ralph Waldo Emerson or the insane theological ravings of modern antichrist existentialism. But any thinking person with half a wit can clearly see that the salient, connecting characteristic of all these false faces of the Deistic, Syncretic, god-hating philosophies, with their many guises, many labels, is their rejection of the Revelation of the Word of Almighty God.

Deism and Pantheism profess to be able to interpret the laws of God in nature without any guiding revelation from God Himself. As a result, everyone is right and no one is wrong. Anything goes and whatever turns you on or makes you feel good is right for you. “I’m okay and you’re okay” says the modern, Deistic psychologist. But in point of common sense fact, the white race cannot afford to be any further infected at this late hour in history with the ancient anti-god and antichrist philosophy of Deism and Pantheism. For wherever this hideous infection of the mongrelized mind appears in the white Body Politic of the Adamic (European), it destroys that member away from the face of the Unmongrelizable God of Scripture.

Those so infected do not know the difference between truth and a lie. They operate in the flesh of their will, alienated to the Spirit-Mind of God because the infection of mongrelized-mindedness renders them enemies to the very God that they may well profess to believe in. They fight and devour one another.

They can never come to a consensus of cooperation to muster the will for victory, for they have left their only life line and anchor to their soul, the Word of the Living God. They have been reduced to the level of the unnatural man, thinking and behaving like animals.

The answer AGAINST atheistic Deism is an UNCOMPROMISING POSITIVE CHRISTIANITY Christianity based solely on the Word of God and obeying the Christian command of not thinking of men above that which is written. Therein is the only hope for the survival of the Adamic (European) White Race. (see Anointed Nation)

The Holy Cross

The Holy Cross

Reconquista et Requiem!

Reconquista et Requiem!

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