The Real Adolf Hitler – Adolf Hitler’s Genealogy (Chapter II)

In dealing with Adolf Hitler’s Genealogy, it us unfortunately necessary to deal with the preposterous absurdity put worth by so many Jews that Adolf Hitler himself was Jewish, part Jewish (and even African)! This LIE, like many other lies regarding Adolf Hitler, was put forth during and shortly after the war as the result of the Jewish-Anglo-American-USSR controlled propaganda machine, which sought to do anything, but actually tell the TRUTH regarding Adolf Hitler. Ironically, this lie was originally put forth to turn the Anglo-American “anti-Semites” against Adolf Hitler, convincing them that he and the National Socialist Germany were merely part of the Jewish conspiracy. Propaganda was circulated, implying that he was in league with the Jewish world bankers. But as we shall see, this lie has absolutely no basis in truth, and even Jews (some) today admit it is not true.

The most popular form of that lie that Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood originated with Hans Frank in a manuscript entitled In View of the Gallows, written in Hamburg while he was imprisoned there.

This Hans Frank stated: Adolf Hitler’s father was the illegitimate son of a woman with the last name Schicklgruber from Leonding near Linz, who worked as a cook in a Graz household…. This cook called Schicklgruber, Adolf Hitler’s grandmother, was employed in a Jewish household by the name of Frankenberger when she gave birth to her child. And this Frankenberger paid child support to Fraulein Schicklgruber on behalf of his approximately nineteen-year-old son for this period from the child’s birth until his fourteenth year of age. There also was correspondence for years between these Frankenbergers and Adolf Hitler’s grandmother, the overall tenor of which….was that Fraulein Schiklgruber’s illegitimate child had been conceived under circumstances that made the Franknebergers responsible to pay child support… Accordingly, Adolf Hitler was one-fourth Jewish”

Hans Frank was a lwayer who claimed that in 1930, Adolf Hitler asked him to investigate whether he had Jewish blood. After making inquiries, Frank cliams that he found the above information. However, no legitimate Adolf Hitler historian or revisionist today believe that this information is even remotely possible. The Jews themselves now admit:

“These investigations decisively contradicted the allegations that Adolf Hitler’s grandfather was Jewish. Since Alois Schicklgruber was born on June 7, 1837, a Jew named Frankenberger would have had to be employed in Graz that same year. Both preconditions, however, are untrue. Neither in the registry books of the Jewish synagogue nor in the birth records of other religious communities of Graz is a Frankenberger to be found. An Alois Schicklgruber appears for the first time in 1900; but since he was much younger than Alois Schicklgruber, he naturally is out of the question as Alois’ father. The case is similar with Maria Anna Schicklgruber who is recorded neither in the Graz domestic register nor in the municipal register; for the time in question, which was impossible anyway, since she was living in Walfviertel in Lower Austria as a subject of the Counts of Ottonstein (Nizcor Project web site).”

Historian Werner Maser has stated that he believes Hans Frank made-up the entire story. Other historians are more reserved and state that, while he may have investigated Adolf Hitler’s genealogy, he was a very bad researcher or outright liar. However, the facts indicate that Frank made it up entirely!

So, let us move on to the FACTS:

Genealogy of Adolf Hitler

Genealogy of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler, was born in 1837 as the illegitimate son of Maria Schicklgruber, who was then forty-two and unmarried, and was registered in the city of Döllersheim. Alois used the name Schicklgruber for several years as a young man. When Alois was five years old, his mother married Johann Georg Hiedler or Hitler (documents show the name spelled both ways). Alois used Schicklgruber until he was thirty-nine, when in 1876 (thirteen years before Adolf Hitler was born), a baptismal certificate was issued which stated that Johann Georg Hitler was Alois’ biological father, and he just took a while to marry his mother, and it took a while longer to get Alois legitimized in the Church record books. (Some historians believe there is some evidence that Johann Georg’s brother, Johann Nepomuk, was actually Alois’ father).

It has been suggested (not proven) that Adolf Hitler’s father, was never acknowledged by Johann Hiedler to be his son, and in the suggestion that Johann Georg Hiedler was already dead in 1876 when the baptismal record was changed. The reason proposed as to why Georg never acknowledged Alois as his son was because he was not. Rather Alois was the illegitimate son of Georg’s brother, Johann Nepomuk Hiedler or Hitler (again both spellings were used). Johann Nepomuk Hiedler was a wealthy man by the standards of those days, but one who was also married. Furthermore, it has been suggested (not proven) that because, Johann Nepomuk Hiedler was a wealthy man, he persuaded his brother Georg to marry Maria Anna, the mother of his child. In this manner he could have Alois in his household, while keeping his wife from becoming suspicious.

Further “prove” of this “hypothesis” is shown in the fact that Alois spent his youth on the estate of Johann Nepomuk Hiedler (again both spellings were used), instead of his mother. Furthermore, when Alois’ name was formally changed to Hitler (again both spellings were used) in 1876, Alois was included in his uncle’s will. This of course, does not prove anything, since it would not be unheard of for his uncle to leave a favourite nephew his estate, with the provision that the nephew carry his name; and by the time Alois actually inherited the estate, he had married Nepomuk’s granddaughter, so Nepomuk could as easily have been leaving his estate to his granddaughter and great-grandchildren.

BUT, the point is, Alois had no reason to claim Johann Georg as his biological father if he was not! He was already heir, and the inheritance from Nepomuk was not affected by such a claim either! It is also understandable why a young Alois might have been sent to live with Nepomuk (also not uncommon in German tradition!), since he was wealthy with a large estate and living there would provide much more opportunity for the young boy.

Of course, with the occupation of the allies, research in this area has deliberately been covered up and made difficult after 1945, the communists destroyed much of Döllersheim, where Alois had been born, and specifically the homes of Adolf Hitler’s family, as has been documented by Werner Maser.

Upon implementation of the 1945 German Instrument of Surrender and the Allied Occupation of Austria, Döllersheim was seized by the Soviet Army and, despite raised claims for restitution, has remained a military exclusion zone (renamed Truppenübungsplatz Allentsteig) to this day.

Regardless, since both were brothers, genetically it makes no difference! Of course, in keeping with Jewish “tradition”, in the 1950’s the Jews claimed that it had been Adolf Hitler who had destroyed Döllersheim to keep anyone finding out about supposed Jewish ancestry. But in fact, it was the Jews who even destroyed the grave of Maria Hitler, Adolf Hitler’s grandmother!

Grave of Maria Hitler before being desecrated by Jews

Grave of Maria Hitler before being desecrated by Jews

Now as far as Franks’ claims, here are some more facts. He claimed that Alois’ mother Maria was working for a Jewish household in Graz in the 1830’s. However, Jews have been expelled from Graz in the 15th century, none were to return until 1856, as has been established by Nikolaus Predarovich. So there were NO Jewish households in Graz for her to work in. But, beyond this, never lived in Graz in the first place!

She was living in Walfviertel at the time, in Döllersheim. Additionally, several historians have searched the records in Graz and have found NO evidence of either Maria or a Frankenberger, Jewish or not, living there who could have been Alois’ father.

If, Hans Frank (coincidence “Frankenberger”? He could just as well implied a “Frankenstein” — end of sarcasm) really did find a “research” about a Jew named Frankenberger, it was most likely that of his own grandfather, who he later shortened to the name of Frank. Rosenbaum states that Hans Frank did indeed believe he had a Jewish grandfather named Frankfurter and that Frank in Jewish fantasies projected this onto Adolf Hitler!

Frank also claimed that a distant relative of Adolf Hitler’s had provided this story initially and that there had been letters exchanged between this Frankenberger and Maria Hitler (Schicklgruber). However, this distant relative, who supossedly was the Irish born William Patrick Hitler, NEVER confirmed this story, even though he served as an agent of the United States during the war; and the letters have NEVER been found! Hans Frank seemed to be all too willing to do the bidding of Jews at Nuremberg. Whereas, men like Julius Streicher never gave an inch to the Jews, even to the very end when he said, “Now it goes to God… Purim Fest, 1946,” before they murdered him!, Hans Frank cowed down to the Jews. He had a “jail-house” conversion to Catholicism (sic) and said in court, “a thousand years shall not suffice to erase the guilt brought on “our people” by Adolf Hitler’s conduct”. Frank’s own son, in a book about his father, described him according to Rosenbaum, as “a craven coward and weakling, but one not without a kind of animal cunning, an instinct for lying, insinuation, self-aggrandizement”. So Frank was the perfect candidate of what we have come to know of the characteristic of the Jew and was the perfect tool for Jewish propaganda. But, the Jews killed their lackey anyway.

Anyway it is necessary to put these lies to rest and to openly discuss “rumours” as for what it is, viscous rumours and anti-German, anti-Adolf Hitler, anti-National Socialist and anti-Christian propaganda!

It should be noted that Hans Frank was the first to put forth this Frankenberger story, but he was not the first to claim that Adolf Hitler was Jewish. In 1933, the London Daily Mirror published a picture of a gravestone in a Jewish cemetery in Bucharest with the name of Adolf Hittler (two t’s) written in Hebrew letters. They implied to the readers that this Adolf Hittler was a grandfather or father to the real Adolf Hitler. But, of course it was completely de-bunked as a sham and was meant only to sow discord among National Socialist sympathizers throughout the world. Ironically, the paper has been sold by Lord Rothermere, its co-founder, in 1931, who had been a supporter of Adolf Hitler. In just two years, his paper had become a tool of the Jews and today it is nothing but a cheap tabloid.

Another commonly circulated Jewish “claim” as that Baron Rothschild of Vienna had impregnated Maria Schiklgruber. This claim, too is so absurd, that we might as well say that Adolf Hitler’s grandfather was a Martian!; however, as absurd as it is, it has served the Jews well over the years as another in a long series of lies attempting to disparage Adolf Hitler. This is a common ploy of the Jew used time and time again. Jews love to write books about the inner turmoil and self-hate that drives men like Adolf Hitler to hate the Jews. They have claimed that Richard Wagner, an unashamed anti-Jew, was the bastard son of a Jew. The same Jews write filth about Jesus Christ (just look at their vile Talmud, today’s war on Christianity), whom they call the most virulent anti-Jew/Semite Who ever lived, and the New Testament the most anti-Semitic documents ever written (the main reason they get their Satanic claws into it, to water it down to nothing!) (not to mention the removal of the most racially aware books of the Old Testament LXX watering it down and/or not coinciding with the New Testament, another blatant LIE), and then in the same breath they accuse Jesus Christ and the Apostles of being Jews (hypocrisy to divide, sow discord and chaos). Like the old saying goes: “I imagined it to be “true in my mind”, when in essence it is in the nature to suffer from mental retardation and confusion).

“Everybody who has the right kind of feeling for his country is solemnly bound, each within his own denomination, to see to it that he is not constantly talking about the Will of God merely from the lips but that in actual fact he fulfils the Will of God and does not allow God’s handiwork to be debased. For it was by the Will of God that men were made of a certain bodily shape, were given their natures and their faculties. Whoever destroys His work wages war against God’s Creation and God’s Will. The greatness of Christianity did not arise from attempts to make compromises with those philosophical opinions of the ancient world which had some resemblance to its own doctrine, but in the unrelenting and zealous proclamation and defence of its own teaching.” (MK)

“I do not merely talk of Christianity, no, I also profess that I will never ally myself with the parties which destroy Christianity.” (NO, Stuttgart, February 15, 1933)

I leave you with this verse Galatians (5:19-21 – AST):-

“Now the actions of the flesh are clearly revealed, which are: Mongrelization (race-mixing), whoredom, impurity, raping, idol-service, pharmakeia, enmities, strife, jealousies, angers, rivalries, divisions, heresies, envyings, [!]murders[!], drunkenness, revellings, and things like these, which I tell before, as also I said previously, that those practising these things will not inherit the government of God” (AST).

This verse enforces, Adolf Hitler’s above quotes, do not ally yourself with the enemy of Christianity!

“I do not merely talk of Christianity, no, I also profess that I will never ally myself with the parties which destroy Christianity.” (NO, Stuttgart, February 15, 1933)

Chapter III to follow….

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