Hermann Göring on Christianity

Hermann Göring (1893-1946) like Adolf Hitler, was also deeply religious as in Christianity. Hermann Göring, like Adolf Hitler, was a war hero from World War I. He was flying ace with twenty-two confirmed merits and had been awarded the Pour le Mérite. He was placed in command of the SA Brownshirts at the start of the NSDAP. Among his other accomplishments, Göring became Reichsmarshall and the commander of the Luftwaffe. He was a dedicated family man, and remained true to the principles of Positive Christianity. He is often described as a man of great intelligence and charisma and remained loyal to the NSDAP members until the end. As his final act of shrewdness, he depraved the Jews of the satisfaction of murdering him after the farce of the Nuremberg trails by taking a cyanide pill the night before he was hanged. The following is the last letter he wrote:

“Nuremberg, October 11, 1946

Dear Pastor Gerecke!

Forgive me, but I had to do it like this for political reasons. I have prayed long to God and feel I am doing the right thing. (I would have let them shoot me). Please comfort my wife and tell her that this was no ordinary suicide, and that she can be rest assured that God will gather me up in His mercy.

God protect our dearest ones!

God Bless you, dear pastor, evermore. Your

Hermann Göring”

Prior to his death, he shows his Christianity by this and very similar quotes throughout him serving as a National Socialist to the Holy Third Reich:-

“God gave a saviour to the German Volk in Jesus Christ and His Spirit, we have deep faith, deep and unshakable faith, that he (Hitler) was sent to us by God to save Germany.”

“We have told the churches that we stand for positive Christianity. Through the zeal of our faith, the strength of our faith, we have once again shown what faith means, we have once again taken the Volk, which believed in nothing, back to faith.” – Hermann Göring in a 1935 speech, Positives Christentum, 3 Nov. 1935

In the same speech, Göring attacked paganists:

“Naturally there are always people at work who represent a type of provocateur, who have come to us because they imagine National Socialism to be something other than it is, who have all kinds of fantastic and confused plans, who misunderstand National Socialist racial thought and overstate their declaration to blood and soil [Blut und Boden], and who in their romantic dreams are surrounded by Wotan and Thor and the like. Such exaggerations can harm our movement, since they make the movement look ridiculous, and ridiculousness [Lächerlichkeit] is always something most harmful. When I hear that a “Germanic wedding’ is to be celebrated, I have to ask: my God, what do you understand to be a Germanic wedding? What do you understand to be National Socialism? “- Hermann Göring in a 1935 speech, Positives Christentum, 3 Nov. 1935

He often spoke of God in his official and private letters. In a letter to his mother-in-law on October 22, 1924, he wrote:-

“For one year we have grappled with our singular fate. Often we are in despair, but our faith in God’s help has fortified us”

“With the Catholic Church the Führer ordered a concordat to be concluded by Herr Von Papen. Shortly before that agreement was concluded by Herr Von Papen I visited the Pope myself. I had numerous connections with the higher Catholic clergy because of my Catholic mother, and thus– I am myself a Protestant– I had a view of both camps.” Hermann Göring (Trial of The Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 1945, Vol.9)

“I myself am not what you might call a churchgoer, but I have gone now and then, and have always considered I belonged to the Church and have always had those functions over which the Church presides– marriage, christening, burial, et cetera— carried out in my house by the Church.” Hermann Göring (Trial of The Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 1945, Vol.9)

Hermann Göring

Hermann Göring