Odinism/Wotanism Exposed!

Recently, historian Brit Solli of the University of Tromsø, has concluded that Wotan was a effeminate transsexual that took pleasure in role playing as a woman. This is not surprising, nor a new fact. Hilda Davidson, Jenny Blain, David M. Wilson, Peter Godfrey Foote and Jacqueline Simpson have long exposed Wotan for being a bisexual. Everyone is familiar with the masculine image portrayed by some so-called ‘bikers’ as manly warriors but none will deny they have a perversity for anal sex and molestation of young boys. Considering the Æsir have migrated from the area of Troy according to the Snorri Sturluson they were likely extremely steeped in the pederasty of that era similar to their Greek kinsman. There are many sites on the internet applauding this Sodomite heathen find.

This might also explain the Germanic Völkisch movement’s world view of hermaphrodites as divine beings as exemplified in Jorg Lanz Von Lebenfel’s Theozoology which along with a few other syncretic doctrines sparked the modern folkish Wotanist movement.

We are all familiar with the misrepresentation of Christ by the Judeo-Churchian establishment, as a sissified victim which bears NO resemblance to the Priest-King our ancestors worshipped. Because of this slander, Odinism can seem an attractive alternative, especially to the brave young Nationalist. A stereotype of Odin is currently promoted as a good outlet for our ‘Macho’ will for action.

How ironic and embarrassing for some that Historical researchers like Foote & Wilson, Jacqueline Simpson, Ellis-Davidson etc., have given us evidence for the priesthood of Odin during the Viking Age of 800-1200 AD as being anything but Macho.

The Seithr (or Seiðr), Thul or Odin’s priesthood were in fact a ‘select’ group of men who donned effeminate robes in rituals to dance together and imitate women, who would fondle each others genitals behind screens and later bribe men from villages to perform buggery with them as part of granting ‘magical’ powers. The habits of Odin’s devotees – “involved such practices as to make people believe that Odin played the woman’s part in the sexual act. In the Norse world such an invert was regarded with disgust, but also with apprehension, for it seems to have been believed that unknown knowledge and perilous psychic force might be gained by playing such a role” (in Foote & Wilson, The Viking Achievement, 1970390)

Along with bringing promiscuity, venereal disease, hallucinogenic substance abuse, transvestitism and cross-gender intercourse into the minds and bodies of otherwise healthy young white men, the Seithr were also keen to instigate fratricidal slayings as means to settle disputes, and regular sacrifices of precious livestock and humans. Far from being a ‘natural’, Aryan religion, all of this manic Blood Tribute was set flowing purely to derange folk settlements and build up into a frenzy the status of the Seithr themselves, as a small but occult group that the majority must be in awe of.

The same can be said about their female equivalent, the Volva and Wicca priestesses of Freya and other goddesses. One recurrent story is of a traveling band of swart, bow-legged priestesses, individually called ‘The Angel of Death’ orchestrating the gang-rape and garrotting of otherwise healthy young girls, usually because they happened to be servants in the household of a landowner who had passed away (Simpson, 1967:199). Amongst the Saxons, every year their own ‘deity’, Nerthus the Earth Mother, would apparently tour round the country villages and visit them in person, hidden in a heavily draped wagon. Male escorts to Nerthus would encourage young men, preferably virgins and the sexually inexperienced, to climb in and fornicate with her. But, as with the Seithr, the gender of Nerthus again was ambiguous. According to the Roman historian Tacitus, Nerthus and the wagon were kept in a hidden grove on an island, and the slaves who washed the vehicle and its inhabitant’s clothing after its ‘tour of duty’ were all ritually drowned. Furthermore, folk tales relate how many unfortunate youths who had a physical encounter with Nerthus were unable to recall what the ‘deity’ really looked like, on account of the heavy drapes blocking out the light. Embarrassed and traumatized, victims would sometimes conjure up the illusion that they had copulated with a woman of unmatched divine beauty.

But others were probably being more honest about the sexual ordeal they had suffered when clasped by Nerthus in the back of the wagon. They proclaimed that ‘she’ was in fact an un-comely pox-ridden hag, or possibly a Hermaphrodite, because during the bestial rut ‘Nerthus’ had behaved and smelt like a man and felt to touch like a warty boar.

Eventually the link between Homosexuality and the use of debilitating hallucinogenic substances and Odin’s priesthood became so explicit that ordinary Scandinavians eventually regarded Seithr as perverse for men to perform and only allowed women to escape the ban on such ritual (ibid, 404). The practice was thoroughly suppressed in Christian times and the displeasure at effeminate tendencies still holds sway in people’s minds. There is a trendy psychoanalyst who uses ‘Pagan’ archetypes and familiars, or power animals, in his group-therapy sessions. He recalled that as a child in a playground in Norway he was often labeled a sissy for his feminine manners, and that his childhood protagonists would be using a modern form of the Old Norse term for ‘Seithr’.

Such abominable rituals and transvestite priesthoods do not even necessarily have their origins in the populations of Pagan Scandinavia and Germany at all, but rather from contact with foreign races. The historian H.R. Ellis Davidson refers to the ancient document ‘The Golden Ass’ by the Roman Apeleius which suggested that Nerthus is equivalent to Cybele, the fertility Goddess of Assyria. Apeleius describes how a totem of Cybele was carted around fields, accompanied by giggling, shrill-voiced ‘priests’ in women’s clothes, who would pretend to fall into a state of ecstasy and indulge in ‘disgusting practices’ (Ellis-Davidson, 1964:96). This perverse worship of Cybele spread from Syria right through to Gaul and is recorded at St Martin in the 4th Century, and again by Gregory of Tours at Autun. This is another amazing link to Assyria; there is a definite connection between Odin and the Middle East. Odin was the Norse war god. The Assyrians and Babylonians also had a war god known as “Adon,” and the Greeks later had a god named “Adonis,” as well. The Babylonian Adon was the god of wine. In the Norse Elder Edda we are told that Odin ate no food but wine: “The illustrious father of armies, with his own hand, fattens his two wolves; but the victorious Odin takes no other nourishment to himself than what arises from the unintermittent quaffing of wine. For ’tis with wine alone that Odin in arms renowned is nourished forever.” The name of Odin’s other well-known son is Thor. Now as Odin had a son called Thor, so the second Assyrian Adon had a son called Thouros (Cedrenus, vol. 1, p. 29). The name Thouros seems just to be another form of Zoro, or Doro, meaning, ‘the seed.’ So Odin’s son, Thor, is an exact parallel to the Assyrian god Adon’s son Thouros. Quite an amazing similarity! (Lexicon, pars 1, p. 93: “The D is often pronounced as ‘Th’ using the Norse letter ‘eth’ (ð); Adon in the pointed Hebrew, being Athon.”)

The ritual intercourse and strangling of slave-girls by the above mentioned ‘Angel of Death’ is attributed by Russian scholars to Volga Turks. Others see these itinerant squat, grim-faced hags as a cult originating from Lapland. As for the Seithr of Odin, although Odin had long existed in the pantheon of Scandinavian-Teutonic Pagan religion, his cult or Seithr priesthood only spread through west Scandinavia in the Viking Age itself, 800-1200 AD. At this time an articulate but profane clique of deviants, drawing upon foreign racial traditions, used their skills of manipulation to pervert Viking mercenary soldiers cut off from the secure regularity of family farming communities, and used fear to extract great wealth and status from warrior-Kings and their retinues.

So what did the self-proclaimed priesthood of Odin and female Seithr bestow upon our forefathers? Male and female Homosexuality certainly, along with Hallucinogenic drugs and other Sado-masochistic deviancy, Gonorrhoea and Syphilis, pointless ritual bloodletting of people and animals, infanticide, the unnecessary waste of other natural resources and the promotion of berserk psychotic violence as a ‘normal’ mechanism for dealing with arguments between close-kin and territorial neighbours. With all of these insane afflictions that the parasitic minority put upon ordinary Pagan society it is not surprising that our otherwise noble Aryan ancestors could, at times, barely sustain themselves and were often forced to practice the ‘exposure’ (killing) on bare mountainsides of their babies and children that they could no longer manage to feed.

Looking at this list of assaults on our race we are now in a better position to understand why our ancestors were more than happy to be Christianized and worship the Lord. To turn away from the lewd caricature of wholesome life that the Pagan priesthood had entrapped them in, and escape the Seithr vampires who were literally sucking the lifeblood out of our White race. As Michael Hoffman puts it, “The assumption is that Christianity simply deceived and coerced the hardy pre-Christian Europeans into the fold. But early Christians like St. Patrick were accepted because they rid the Pagan people of what Michell terms, ‘the final excesses of a degenerate priesthood, whose alters demanded ever more sacrificial blood” (Hoffman, 2001:26).

In our own times the only way forward for our race is through a resurgent Christendom. Part of the strategy for our revival may indeed involve rediscovering the Folk Wisdom of our Teutonic past, uncovering The Lord’s Natural Law teaching that St. Paul said is engraved on the heart of all pagans, whilst making a clear distinction between such healthy traditions and the diseased perversions of a degenerate clique.

Only Odinism, along with Islam & Judaism (historically) has institutionalized perversity as part of the religion itself.

Neo-pagans embrace these “religions” not because of a genuine sense of belief but simply because they have a childish for hate Christianity. I rarely see neo-pagans discussing their faith in the same way Christians do, the only time they seem to enter any sort of religious discussion is to bash Christians for worshiping a so-called “kike on a stick.” The whole thing is simply an anti-Christian fad that is going nowhere because Jesus-bashing is all they are capable of doing. This Talmudic, Marxist disdain they have for Christianity is, in most cases, a psychological response to authority and discipline plus a pure ignorance of the true teachings of Christianity and the historic physical anthropology of the ancient Levant, based on the false assumption that modern Jews are the same people as the ancient Israelites.

What we have now is some pathetic neo-paganism which is just another disease of modern Europe sharing the same roots with liberalism and Marxism. Neo-paganism basically recycles the myth of the noble savage and worships uncivilized pre-Christian Norse (or Slavic in some cases) barbarians, being nostalgic about the “good old days” (which in fact never existed). They all are modernists who project their modern, romantic ideas into a fairytale past where if the Christians hadn’t “spoiled everything” for everybody they’d be living in a “free, equal pagan utopia” where they’d be free to engage in any sort of perverted and hedonistic behavior they wanted to without fear of committing sins against God and man.

They “love their ancestors,” except the Christian ones. They despise God, whom they accuse of being a violent, bloody “desert god.” They believe in the “Nine Noble Virtues,” but not in violence (except against Christians). They claim to believe in “science,” but at the same time believe that the Eddas are glorious, full of wisdom and truth. Some are “Aryan” supremacists who love Black Metal and do believe in violence and sacrificing slaves and captive enemies, but not in any gods at all. Hardly any neo-pagans really do anyway. They “worship” Odin by pouring some mead on the altar on the balcony of their 10 story apartment complex … Odin must be feeling so mighty after hundreds of years of no one worshiping him.

The basic theology of these types is almost always:

“I hate your God! I am just fine with worshiping gods I don’t really believe in but, talk too since they’re like imaginary friends. The elves I chill with are pretty neat too, but they aren’t really there. The memories of my ancestors who believed in them that you murdered is all I need.”

These Viking wannabes, with their big beards, aggressive posturing, and big talk about violence (listen to any Black Metal) whine about being “victims of oppression.” In one breath they’ll accuse Christians of being “weak pacificsts” (which Christianity doesn’t support) while in the next they’ll say “B-b-b-but Christianity oppressed us!!!” They romanticize a pagan culture that worshipped a rabid warrior ideal but, for all their big talk of exploits and combat, they ultimately got messed up by a larger more powerful force, and have been ultra-assraging about it for a millennia. They couldn’t stand up to the masses of “dumb Christians” that apparently “oppress” them so much … they sound like the most pathetic losers imaginable. Funny how that so-called “slave religion” accomplished ten times as much as any pagan civilization in history. It’s also funny how Norse paganism, aside from some slick allegory and some powerful symbolism, never amounted to anything outside of small kingdoms, villages, and rune casters.

Odinists wouldn’t even have religious documents if it were not for the work of the Christian, Snorri Sturluson. Odinists proclaim “Might is right” and yet, Christianity whipped them so badly that your own religious documents are provided to them thanks to scholarly efforts of Christians. Jesus Christ whipped those false gods. Their “religion,” if it can be called that, is based off of mythological characters who have little to no morality or example to pass on to a generation. They were race traitors and mix breeds who have no connection whatsoever to “European racial identity.” Odinists love to call themselves “Vikings” but, a Viking is an occupation (i.e. a pirate), not an ethnicity. Being Scandinavian (which half of these so-called “Odinists” aren’t even) doesn’t make you a Viking. The only time I hear of Odinists dying in battle, is when they are fighting off liver disease. To be blunt; neo-pagans are simply retarded. They think by jumping around the camp fire and praying to spirits or whatever in the trees, we can magically “save the White race.” Also that group itself does not seem to have a big issue with fornication or sodomy … two sins that are destroying Europeans as a group.

Christianity in its principles and tenets preserves the European race because it teaches higher morality, family structure and brotherly love. None of the Norse false “gods” were racially conscious. The goddess of beauty obtained the most beautiful necklace in the world by whoring herself to four dwarves for four nights. Thor was a half-breed: he was half-giant, half-god. What’s with that? Loki cheated on his wife with a giantess! This false religion worships and venerates mongrels and race traitors! And you think I and others are going to think this is a pro-European religion? How can someone be racially conscious and believe in these foolish things? How can you have common sense and hold these anti-White tenets? Some Odinists are European racialists, but Odinism is not European racialism.

In neo-paganism, there is no real orthodoxy. One may be a neo-pagan and claim that their “glorious pagan ancestors” had some “racial warrior” religion, but there are also many neo-pagans who believe those pagans actually had values very close to cultural Marxism of today, blaming Christianity for “homophobia,” etc. Also, it’s actually racial neo-paganism that resembles Judaism, considering that it tries to copy some sort of racial religion, confined to a single ethnicity, rejecting Catholic (anti-Jewish) universalism. With that, it loses any theological value becoming just a retarded “cult of ancestors”. The argument that pagan religions are somehow “Whiter” is obviously ludicrous, because beliefs should be chosen on the basis of reason and rationality, and not just based on what historical demographic shared those beliefs. Ideas should be based on logic, not romanticism. Because your ancestors believed in some paganism before Christianity you have to believe in that too? Why don’t go even further back and find refuge in some neolithic paganism or a paleolithic religion? But the point is that those neo-pagans actually don’t believe in anything, they’re not interested in the truth, they’re not interested in sprituality, it’s ultimately just a strange way to attack the only force which is actually doing something to save Europe and the rest of the World from liberal and Marxist degeneration.

Historians Hilda Davidson, Jenny Blain, David M. Wilson, Peter Godfrey Foote and Jacqueline Simpson have long exposed the “god” Odin / Wotan / Woden for being a bisexual. The Seithr (or Seiðr), Thul, or Odin’s priesthood were in fact a “select” group of men who donned effeminate robes in rituals to dance together and imitate women, who would fondle each other behind screens and later bribe men from villages to perform sodomy with them as part of granting “magical powers.” The habits of Odin’s devotees “involved such practices as to make people believe that Odin played the woman’s part in the sexual act. Homosexuality was not regarded by the Viking peoples as being evil, perverted, innately against the laws of nature or any of the “other baggage” about the concept that Christian belief has provided Western culture.

The practice is documented in Sturlunga saga, most notably in Guðmundar saga dýra where Guðmundr takes captive a man and his wife, and plans for both the woman and the man to be raped as a means of sexual humiliation (Ok var þat við orð at leggja Þórunni í rekkju hjá einhverjum gárungi, en gera þat vi Bjôrn prest, at þat þætti eigi minni svívirðing.) (Sørenson 82, 111; Sturlunga saga, I, 201). In addition to rape, defeated enemies were frequently castrated, again testified to in several places by Sturlunga saga. Grágás records that a klámhogg or “shame-stroke” on the buttocks was, along with castration, a “major wound” (hin meiri sár), ranked with wounds that penetrated the brain, abdomen, or marrow: the klámhogg was thus equated with castration as “unmanning” the victim, and classed with wounds that cause major penetrations of the body, strongly suggesting that the term refers to rape or forced sodomy such as was inflicted on a defeated combatant (Sørenson 68). For the Vikings, the rape of defeated male enemy was obligatory.

Odin: “Thou winters eight wast the earth beneath milking the cows as a maid, and there gavest birth to a brood: were these womanish ways, I ween.”

Loki: “But thou, say they, on Sams Isle once beat the magic drum like a Voelva: in vitki’s shape through the worlds didst fare: in women’s wisp, I ween.” (“Lokasenna,” 23-24)

“But the use of this magic is accompanied by so great a degree of effemination (ergi) that men were of the opinion that they could not give themselves up to it without sexual shame, so that it was the priestesses that it was taught.” (Ynglingasaga: 7).

Neo-pagans attack Christianity so much so often to keep attention away from the fact that their main “god” got used like a bitch. By choice.

A nail-in-the-coffin to the “racialist pagan” narrative that the Vikings were the “epitome of White nobility” is the fact that when the Viking raiders had reached the trading center of Bulgar Volga (in Russia), they met traders from the Muslim world who had huge demands for white women for Islamic harems. The Vikings then embarked on capturing young white women from Europe for selling to Islamic traders to become sex-slaves for Muslim warlords. The supply route of white slaves via Spain soon opened. With the spread of Christianity to northern Europe, the Viking slave-trade tapered down and eventually ceased.

Also, one last point: the Eddas are not contemporary accounts but HISTORIES of the Norse religion written after it had already been vanquished by Christianity. We don’t actually have accounts passed down to us of the Norse religion when it was still an actual living tradition, in the sense that we do of the Greek and/or Roman gods. Instead of railing against Christianity, admirers of Odinism should show gratitude to Christians for recording the history of Norse mythology, which the Odin-worshippers themselves did not.

From the beginning of the Third Reich, Odinists (pagans) were banned. In 1933, Rudolf von Sebottendorff was arrested and exiled. The works of Odinist writers such as Lanz von Liebenfels, Ernst Issberner-Haldane and Reinhold Ebertin were banned. Former membership of an Odinist congregation disqualified anyone from holding rank or office within the NSDAP. In 1936 Friedrich Marby, a runemaster and follower of [Wotan worshipper Guido] von List, was arrested and sent to a camp at Flossenberg; he was released from Dachau in 1945. He was not alone. But the full power of the state was not focused on religious minorities until the 9th of June 1941 when the head of the security police, [Reinhardt] Heydrich, banned a large number of spiritual practices. Among the victims were followers of Rudolf Steiner, followers of von List, and traditional Odinists. Their organisations were dissolved, their property confiscated, and many of their leaders arrested.” – An article in a 1995 issue of the Australian Odinist magazine Renewal