Houston Stewart Chamberlain

It may come as a surprise to those numbnuts that mention Houston Stewart Chamberlain as some kind of “Evola type” (which hated the working class and a sexual degenerate), on the contrary, he was a devout Christian and devoted one complete section in one of his books “Foundations of the Nineteenth Century” to Jesus Christ with factual proof Jesus Christ was not and will never be a Jew (The Revelation of Christ)… adding, the one to believe such was either very stupid, telling a lie or running with the Jews’ lies”… further stating “…no other people was so well equipped as the Teutonic to hear His Divine Voice”— Although born British, he became a German citizen at an early age, was the son-in-law of Richard Wagner and a great ethnologist. — By 1938, his book had sold more than a million copies and prior to Mein Kampf being released, was one of the most influential books in Germany. He wrote to Adolf Hitler in 1923, stating; “My faith in Germanism had not wavered an instant… That in the hour of her deepest need Germany gives birth to a Hitler to protect her vitality… May God be With you and may He protect you!” – He died in 1927 and sadly did not see the Third Reich in its full glory under the Christian leadership of Adolf Hitler, one of the greatest sons of the Catholic Church who raised to the challenge to fight the wandering international Jew!

Factual is though, we can see today that very off-spring of those forebear who remained in Christian Europe, are also amongst those who ardently defend Christendom as their forebear AND those off-spring who lost their European souls and spirits in the New World, also lost their racial soul and spirituality to the Jewish anti-Christ and sought (and still seek) the destruction of Christian Europe. Sad, but true and therefore there will forever remain “a brothers war”, Christ’s soldiers and the anti-Christ soldiers.

In Foundations of the 19th Century, Chamberlain gives exemplary examples of the Revelation of as Christ being Eternal Life, and the reincarnation numbnuts Buddha = Eternal Death!

“Buddha tears from his heart all that is dear to man — parents, wife, child, love, hope, the religion of his fathers — all are left behind when he wanders forth alone into the wilderness to live a living suicide and wait for death, an extinction that can only be perfect, in the face of the doctrine of metempsychosis, if it is so spiritually complete that the dread reaper can harvest no seed for a new birth. How different is it with the teaching of Christ, whose death means no selfish, solitary absorption into a Nirvana, a passionless abstraction, but the Birth of the whole world into a new life. Buddha dies that there may be no resurrection. Christ dies that all men may live, that all men may inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. And this Kingdom of Heaven, what is it? Clearly no Nirvana, no sensuous Paradise like that of Mahomet. He gives the answer Himself in a saying which must be authentic, for His hearers could not understand it, much less could they have invented it. The Kingdom of God is within you. “In these sayings of Christ we seem to hear a voice: we know not His exact words but there is an unmistakable, unforgettable tone which strikes our ear and so forces its way to the heart. And then we open our eyes and we see this Form, this Life. Across the centuries we hear the words, Learn from me! and at last we understand what that means: to be as Christ was, to live as Christ lived, to strive as Christ died, that is the Kingdom of Heaven, that is eternal Life.“

Foundations Of The 19th Century – Houston Chamberlain (German Edition: Houston Stewart Chamberlain DOWNLOAD PAGE DIE GRUNDLAGEN DES XIX. JAHRHUNDERTS)

Houston Stewart Chamberlain

Houston Stewart Chamberlain

“Who could help moralising when he sees how we, without weapons, without defence, unconscious of any danger, go on our way, constantly befooled, ever ready to set a high price on what is foreign and to set small store by what is our own – we, the most learned of all men, and yet ignorant beyond all others of the world around us, the greatest discoverers and yet stricken with chronic blindness! Who could help crying with Ulrich von Hutten: ‘Oh! unhappy Germany, unhappy by thine own choice! thou that with eyes to see seest not, and with clear understanding understandest not!'”


Gautier, Philippe, French historian: “History as it is being written and conveyed today is all too often only a crude mix of untruths, remnants of Allied propaganda from the Second World War, half-truths, tales and myths, cleverly put together for purposes of indoctrinating the brain-dead masses.” From: Deutschenangst, Deutschenhaß: Entstehung, Hintergründe, Auswirkungen, p. 276.

Hamburger Abendblatt, regarding the problem of foreigners in Germany: “What a six-year-old Turkish boy recently told a Turkish shopkeeper [in Germany] speaks volumes. ‘We beat up one of the fellows at school today,’ the boy said. ‘And why did you do that?’, the man asks. ‘Well, because he was a Christian,’ the boy replies pleasantly. ‘And what is that – a Christian?’ the shopkeeper asks. The boy thinks for a moment, then says: ‘I don’t know, but he was also a German.'” Quoted in: Nation & Europa, January 11, 2001, p. 35.

Kant, Immanuel: “No worse harm can be inflicted on a nation than to rob it of its national character, the distinctiveness of its spirit and its language.” Quoted in: Nation & Europa, Oct. 2001, p. 76.

“Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.”

― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Maxims and Reflections