The Sacred Name Delusion

As we have said before, the living, breathing Devils have, from the beginning of Christianity, sought to counterfeit real Christianity. Paul refers to these phony, counterfeit christianities as “another gospel,” and Christian white Men are clearly warned to stay within the protection and confines of the New Covenant or Christian Law. The mongrelized Jews of Palestine and the Talmudists through the ages have always hated the name Jesus Christ, or Jesus Anointed. They have purposely and relentlessly, through speculative cults and phony churches, sought to legitimize their atheism and their hatred of Jesus Christ by claiming that they believe in the God of the Old Testament, although they admit they reject Jesus Christ as being God in the flesh.

The mongrel Jew knows that if he can convince the white man that he believes in the same God and is in service to the same God as the white man, then he has disarmed and destroyed the white man’s ability to sense the impending danger and threat of the murderous mongrel. One of the ways that the Jews have done this is by convincing the great percentage of stupid white people that they believe in the God of the Old Testament by teaching the Jewish, Talmudic, and Masonic doctrine of the sacred, ineffable name and telling people that if they do not address God as Yahweh or Yah that God cannot hear them.

Every white man should clearly understand what the Talmudic Jews call the fictitious god they pretend to worship. In addition to this, there is the insane “Jews for Jesus” movement that comes in a variety of guises which teach against calling Jesus Christ Jesus Christ or Jesus Anointed, and teach men to call the Only-Begotten Son of God the Jewish name of Yahshua. It therefore becomes important to understand how these Talmudic tactics have come about. First, we will consider the two alleged names for God in the Hebrew Old Testament: Eloheim and Yahweh. At the time of the split of the northern kingdom and the southern kingdom, a civil war ensued. The king of Israel at that time drove out the Levite priesthood. He then put in place his own high priest and priesthood. This southern kingdom or Judean high priest maintained that the correct name of God was the title Yahweh, which shows the Moabite influence in the character of the priest.

The Northern Kingdom continued to refer to God as El  or Eloheim , a designation equivalent to Theos  or God  in the New Testament. Through this beginning, mongrel Edomite Jews of the first century and the mongrel Talmudic Jews of later centuries and of today created and maintained the doctrine that the ineffable divine name of God wasYahweh and the “Jews for Jesus” variety like Jacob Meyer discussed later herein maintained that the ineffable divine name of Jesus was really Yahshua.  Jewish influence into the Masons delivered this doctrine to their organization. The Masons have a slightly different twist to the ineffable name doctrinethan the Jews however, and these Masonic ideas can be heard resonating in the ranks of so-called Kingdom Identity Churches today. Sacred-namers like to argue that God’s sacred name or what they call the “divine name” is the Hebrew tetragrammaton, vlvh (YHWH) or Yahweh , although it is a point of great controversy among sacred-namers where and how the vowels should be added in, thus forming a variety of other words as well.

For example, some believe it is Jehovah, some Yehovah, some Yahaveh, etc. In the King James Old Testament, this Hebrew word is translated ‘LORD ,’ and in some other translations Jehovah . The Masons transliterate the tetragrammaton as IHUH instead of YHVH, although they cite the same Hebrew. They do this because U, V, and W, are all interchangeable as are I, Y, and J. A discussion of this is found in the Masonic Jew Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma on page 697. The Masons also believe that Ih and Alhim are also ineffable names of God. The Masons believe that the ineffable name was a symbol of creation and that each letter of the name represents some different attribute, including bisexuality.

However, it must be remembered that the tetragrammaton was not and is not a personal name but is a title which corresponds to the Greek kÚioj (kurios). It is important to remember that the English word Lord,  or Master  as it has been translated in the Anointed Standard Version, is rendered for the Greek word Kurios.  The word Kurios  is the same Greek word that the Septuagint translators used for the Hebrew word Yahweh.  While both Kurios  and Yahweh were used of men in the Old and New Testament, they were most often used as being in reference to Almighty God. Yahweh  was a title used of the Mighty El  or God  in the Hebrew and the word carried the primary meaning of master and owner.  It is for this reason that the Septuagint translators used the word kurios  some three hundred years before Christ, and this was the title applied by the Israelites in dispersion to the God of the Bible, whom the Palestinian Jews called Yahweh . But the apostles, seeing the example of the Septuagint, referred to Christ as Kurios,  drawing an obvious correlation to the Septuagint usage. We must also keep in mind that the only Scripture that Jesus Christ or His Apostles recognized as Scripture was the Septuagint.

The early Christians chose death rather than to call Caesar Kurios,  because they refused to recognize him as their master or owner. Kurios  is used in the New Testament to signify the masters  of slaves, and just the same as the Apostle Paul often referred to himself as a bond-servant, his master, owner, or Kurios  was Jesus Christ. Kurios  was more than just a term of respect as we now use “Mister,’ “sir,” or “the honorable one.” Since it was used of slave-owners, the title often carried the connotation of owner . It was, as we have said before, the Greek word used for the most important Hebrew title of God – Yahweh – and they applied it to Christ.

Although Yahweh  has historically been used of men, the Old Testament writers used the word exclusively for the Mighty El, that is for God, and the title Yahweh had become so synonymous with Mighty El, or Theos as it was translated in the Septuagint, that many of the Palestinian Jews considered it the actual name of God, although this is shown to be a fallacy by the dispersed Greek speaking Israelites’ usage of Kurios . Notice that the Hebrew El and Eloheim and the Greek Theos are the terms that we translated God. Sacred-namers would have a better chance of proving that Eloheim  or El was the sacred-name than proving that Yahweh  was the sacred-name. However, they do not attempt to do this because these terms are used too often of other gods to argue that it was the divine ineffable name of the Hebrew God. To Israelites, master or lord  the only meaning Yahweh implied, and so when an Israelite heard the title Yahweh they did not think of the king of Babylon or any other man that it might have been used of, they thought of the Mighty El, the God of War.

Because Yahweh was translated kurios  in the Septuagint, kurios  began to take on the same meaning among the dispersed Greek speaking Israelites, and certainly by the time of Christ, when an Israelite used the term kurios,  it was understood that they were in reference to Theos  or God. Jesus was both the Master and the Anointed One, that is, God  and the Messiah. He was “Master of all” (Acts 10:36) and “Master of masters” (Revelation 17: 14). The phrase Master of masters  or kurios kurion shows that while the Greek speaking Israelites used the term Kurios  of slave-owners, Jesus was Master or Kurios  of even them, and therefore Kurios  or Master or Owner  of all. This once again established the correlation between Kurios  as used of Jesus and Kurios  as used of Theos  or the Mighty El.  Paul wrote thate very being should confess that Christ is Kurios.  When Paul said this, he meant that Jesus was Kurios of all,  just as was the Mighty El, Master of all. 

The early Christians called Christ Kurios  only because the Holy Spirit inspired them to (1 Corinthians 12:3). This is important to remember because the New Testament was written in Greek. It therefore becomes important for the sacred-namers to create the lying argument that the New Testament was written in Hebrew or Aramaic so that it can be argued that originally the New Testament contained the term Yahweh and the name Yahshua.  As we shall see, this is utterly false, and a damnable lie that unfortunately is damning far too many misguided white people. This argument has now been carried on to the Septuagint. Since it has been increasingly hard for sacred-namers to dispute the fact that the Septuagint was the only Scripture that Christ and the Apostles quoted from and read from, then it has been argued now that the Septuagint was originally written in Greek but the sacred names were retained in Hebrew. Dan Gayman in his book, In Defense of the Name Jesus Christ , quotes someone, supposedly a scholar, as saying this, but does not tell us who, no doubt because he does not want us to know that his source was a Jew. It is true that some early Jewish translations of the Hebrew Bible into Greek were done this way, but this is not true of the Septuagint. This pointes to the willingness of Dan Gayman and other Jewish fellow-travelers to tell a bald-faced lie. There were several early versions of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek that were done by Jews but these are not the Septuagint.

David Tate, in his book, The Septuagint vs. the Masoretic Text , tells us, The Three Minor Greek Versions of Aquila, Theodotion, and Symmachus were made from the “Hebrew” Scriptures about the 2nd century A.D., and were tailored with a design to promote the Hebrew text of that age over the LXX and supplant it with another Greek version. None of these versions successfully supplanted the LXX as was the design of the Jews, and what is left of them today is mostly fragmentary. Before becoming converted to early Judaism, Aquila, a Gentile, was raised up in the heathen religion and practiced magic and judicial astrology. Being affected by the miracles which he saw the professors of Christianity work in his time, he becamea convert to it, but with the same expectations of Simon Magus (Acts 8), of obtaining power thereby and of doing the same works as the disciples and Apostles. But finding that he had no belief or faith in Christianity, wanting only the miracles, he went back to his magic and was ex-communicated from the Christian community, and then later circumcised and converted to Judaism. After becoming proficient in the Jewish language, he was chosen to make a translation of the text at that time promoted by the Jews, which translation was so literal that one had to be a student of Hebrew and Greek to understand it.

Not long after Aquila, there were two other translations made of the Hebrew scriptures, allegedly of a similar text, the first by Theodotion, the second by Symmachus, who are both believed to have been converts to the Christian sect of the Ebionites, which were said to have been nearer to the religion of the Jews than to that of Christians. Humphrey Prideaux states of Theodotion and Symmachus, “They both of them undertook the making of their versions with the same design as Aquila did, although not wholly for the same end: for they all three entered on this work for the perverting of the Old Testament scriptures; but Aquila did it for the serving of the interest of the Jewish religion, the other two for the serving ofthe interest of that heretical sect which they were of; and all of them wrested those holy writings, in their versions of them, as much as they could, to make them speak for the different ends which they proposed.

While the version of Aquila stuck too closely to the Hebrew language, Symmachus took the opposite course, and made his version very much a paraphrase and endeavored to express what he thought was the true sense of thetext. Theodotion’s work was the middle road between the two, and considered a reliable translation, but though respected by all, and even used to a small extent by the early Christian church, the Jews adhered to their version of Aquila when a Greek version was used, rejecting all others. Of all three versions there is a serious question asto how thoroughly each of the three translators knew Hebrew, and it is believed that the three were directed byJewish scholars to the point that they, as Gentiles, were not solely responsible for their translations and could never have undertaken their tasks without the aid and direction of the Jewish hierarchy. The most important point that this history emphasizes is that while Jews and Jewish oriented sects tried their best to supplant the LXX withother Greek versions, none of them ever succeeded due to the love and respect early Christians held for the LXX. here are no manuscripts in existence of the Septuagint with Hebrew names interspersed. To do so would be to defeat the purpose of the translating the Hebrew into Greek in the first place. The people reading the Greek Septuagint could not read Hebrew.

This was the purpose of the translation. If the translators wanted to retain the sacred names in the Septuagint, then they would have transliterated the names into Greek letters. This was the practice with all other Hebrew names in the Old Testament, and thus this what they would have done if Yahweh or Eloheim were names and not just the generic designation for master  or lord  and the generic designation for god . In order to better understand some of these issues, we need to look at the name Yahshua, the supposed sacred name of Jesus. It is contended by the same Jewish Yahweh crowd that the Hebrew gauvh, which they transliterate in a variety of ways, mainly Yahshua  or Yehoshua .

Here are some facts that most do not like to talk about regarding the so-called sacred name Yahshua. When the subject of the name being Yehoshua or Yahshua comes up, their only points for it being either, is one, that the New Testament was written in Hebrew or Aramaic and that it therefore originally used Yahshua or Yehoshua, and then was later translated into Greek (which is a blatant lie), and two, that somehow Joshua of the Old Testament represented Jesus based upon verses that they pulled out of the air and do not say anything even near what they suggest, and certainly do not prove their phony pretensions. Then they go on to prove that in fact it is not Yahshua, but is Yehoshua , and we are supposed to believe the unproven assumption from point one, and then they seek to prove the correct spelling, assuming that the ignorant goyim have bought their deception. Most such spurious writing is based upon unproven assumptions that people are supposed to take for granted to be the truth, but these assumptions can betraced down to be the work of Jacob Meyer and other so called “Jews for Jesus.” The Yahshua doctrine first gained momentum in the white wing after Jacob Meyer started promoting it and made a translation of the Bible called the Sacred Name Bible about thirty years ago, and this doctrine was picked up by Wesley Swift, Sheldon Emory, Bill Gayle, Lester Blessing, and Betrand Comparet. I am not sure how much you know of the Sacred Name Bible and its originator. Jacob Meyer is a self-confessed Jew. I cannot speak civil of this scumbag Jew-devil Jacob Meyer or of his evil Masonic helpers, for they have subverted whole houses and done more harm to the Identity and white Christian movement than any other people I know of at this time.

They are the root of the evil poison ivy that has choked hundreds if not thousands. Jacob Meyer is a Bethel, Pennsylvania Jew, a regular attendant to the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith meetings. He promotes Talmudic Jewish teachings and has led the Jewish assault against the Church of Jesus Christ since 1966, the year he started his church, The Assemblies of Yahweh. He is the most Jewish, blatant liar in America today. His insane ramblings prove nothing but that he is a Jew, and he is deceiving thousands with his written lies. He promotes race-mixing marriages openly, and cons blacks into becoming members and “ministers” of his blasphemous church. He is a living Satan who profanes and blasphemes the Christian faith with every stroke of his filthy pen. He is the root cause of Christian Identities being deceived with a Jewish, Masonic so-called sacred name, an inutterable name, promoted by the Masons and the Jews.This blasphemous pimp of false religion and foremost representative of the Babylonian whore hasconned segments of the racial identity movement into believing blatant lies.

There is NO proof that the Savior’s name was Yahshua , Yehoshua , or any other kind of shua. In fact and in truth, the real proof proves that this is a blatant lie born in the hell of Pennsylvania in 1934, through the perverted and corrupt mind of a godless Jew conman whose fanciful arguments are all based upon godless Jew authorities, while he cleverly avoids the great scholarly heritage of the White Race to promote his antichrist teachings. Jacob Meyer is a living, breathing, antichrist, working feverishly to destroy the white race and white Christianity. He is the root, while many deceived, unlearned and stupid people have become his branches, and the fruit they produce is blasphemy in the highest order. The Jews have always hated the name of Jesus, but Meyer has deceived Christians into pronouncing unprovable garble so that the poor goyim will not be offensive to the Jew.

I call on all godly men who accept Jesus Christ as the Only-Begotten Son of God and who love their brethren of the White Race to study the facts of white scholarship and history as well as the Scriptures and overcome the heady wine and deception of this Jew inspired con-game to further dividethe white Christian nation. The antichrist doctrines and fanciful teachings of the so-called Assemblies of Yahweh are popping up all over this country. He is responsible for much of the sacred name literature that is circulating in so-called Identity circles today. If it is not his actual literature, it is literature that uses him as a source. The only other people who use the name Yahshua are the Jews for Jesus movement, who have, in recent months, taken out large newspaper advertisements, etc., stating that Jesus’s true name is Yahshua. Thus, when we look at some of the things Meyer has to say, and his method for proving the sacred name issue, we immediately find gaping holes in his reasoning. In his Preface to his Sacred Name Bible on page ii, he states that Aramaic was the common language of Jesus’s time. The is not just partially a lie, it is completely a lie, and those who believe such lies, God says that they will be damned.

The truth is that Greek was the common language. Greek had been the common language of the civilized world ever since the conquests of Alexander the Great; this is a fact verifiable by any encyclopedia or book on the subject. Aramaic was only spoken by small sects of ultra-pious Jews in isolated pockets in and around Palestine. However, from this reasoning, Meyer goes on to state that the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic, and was later translated into Greek so as to adapt to common vernaculars. That too is a bald faced Jewish lie. It is true that there exists portions of an Aramaic New Testament, but this Aramaic was in fact translated by what we might call 3rd or 4th century Jews for Jesus. The Greek scriptures were written in the 1st century and Greek was the language they were originally written in. This is an absolute, verifiable fact. The only people anywhere who deny this are Jacob Meyer, his followers, and the willfully deceived people who use him as proof, such as in the book What Is His Name?  by John Charles Green put out by the late Eldon Purvis of the so-called New Beginnings that directly quotes Meyer. You need to understand that the Masons’ money was behind this Purvis, and they wanted to combine Identity with Pentecostalism, which cannot be done. In fact, this guy Purvis was very proud of being a Rhodes Scholar,and prior to getting into Identity, he had “ministered to blacks and had a bigger mailing list.” He is now deceased. But you will note in Green’s book, What is His Name?, he uses Jacob Meyer as his authority, and a couple of Jews out of New York. Again, this kind of thing simply caters to false piety, and those caught up in false piety render themselves worthless to the warfare of the Spirit of Truth. I do not know Mr. Green, but I do know that his book is a blasphemous lie that uses Jacob Meyer and Jew contrived scholarship as his authorities. And I urge Mr. Green if he is still alive to repent, if indeed he is capable. I suggest he get down on his knees there in North Warren, Pennsylvania, and seek forgiveness with tears, assuming of course he is not a Jew himself.

These Jew Masonic lackeys, created a mutual admiration society and claimed to be Identity, making a good living off their name list of innocent white patriots, while cleverly interweaving their Masonic Jew doctrines into the fabric of Identity. The Purvises are not the only deceived people to take up the Jew banner of Jacob Meyer, but their influence is still being felt in the deception of white Christian patriots. Far to many of the patriots have been deceived bythe Satans in our midst, they have been drawn away from the pure Word of God by the diabolical plotters and deceivers of Pennsylvania. They have trusted and taken the word of people who have called themselves Identity, and in the process they have allowed themselves to be further divided and weakened by a Jew plot of deception. Even now, far too many are willing to compromise the Word of God and history and true scholarship under the guise of seeking unity and promoting brotherhood. But unity can never be achieved on a foundation of lies, and those who make merchandise of God’s people and blaspheme the Scriptures and the doctrines of Jesus Christ are not our brothers. They are antichrists. Every white patriot who holds sacred the blood and sacrifice of the Lamb of God needs to obey the Scripture and study and prove all things, instead of taking people’s word for truth in a pamphlet or a booklet. Men who truly fear the Living God need to take the advice of the Apostle Paul and let God be true and every man a liar. We have come to such a place in our nation that if a man speaks up for the truth he is accused of promoting disunity. But, defending the gospel of Jesus Christ is not an act of disunity but is in truth an act of unity. God’s people canonly be unified on the truth of the Scriptures not on Jew fables and twisted imaginations. Now while Jesus may have been able to speak Aramaic, just as you or I might be able to speak German or French, there is absolutely no evidence to indicate that this was His native tongue.

In fact, all evidence points the other way.Jesus was from Galilee, an area that had been entirely Hellenized by the first century. All of the Apostles were also from locations that had been Hellenized, and they all spoke Greek; in fact, all the apostles except Judas Iscariot were also from Galilee. They had Greek names and they wrote in Greek,and Jesus was an Aryan name, very popular among the dispersed Israelites.

Now the importance of saying that the New Testament was written in Aramaic for Meyer is that this allows him to go on and say that in the supposed original Aramaic scriptures, Jesus was known by Yahshua and that the name Jesus did not come into existence until these scriptures were translated into Latin and Greek. But this once again is a lie told by a man who owns a radiostation in the Philippines and preaches to mongrels, the Old Judeomissionary bit. The name Jesus is transliterated for the Greek word ‘Ihsoàj (Iesous) with the i being pronounced like a j and thus being transliterated in this fashion to show the correct pronunciation. The Latin translation of the Scriptures completed by Jerome simply transliterated the Greek word into Latin coming up with Ieseus , and the early 1611 King James further transliterated this as Iesus , but again the I has always been pronounced as a J  because of the fact that it is followed by another vowel. Jesus was a very common name in ancient Hellenistic societies, and especially among the dispersed true Israelites, such as those represented by Philo, for example; in fact, there are several other men in the Bible whose names are given as Jesus. But the Jews, who hate the name Jesus, start movements like Jews for Jesus to promote the name Yahshua and set up Jews like Meyer to put out information that has absolutely no basis in fact andthat is easily proven false by simple inquiries. Now the sacred-namers like Meyer point to the Old Testament Joshua, and through about five verses, determine that Joshua has a direct correlation to Jesus, and so therefore, they erroneously conclude, Jesus’s real Hebrew or Aramaic name must be Joshua.

The Hebrew given for Yahshua and Joshua is identical and it is just a matter of how the word is transliterated that gives the two different spellings. To try to use the so-called ancient Hebrew is a fallacy, because it had no vowels and so it is possible to prove almostanything by so-called Hebrew, by taking the same consonants and adding different vowels; but that is not a proof of anything. It is for this reason that we have pointed God’s people to the Septuagint which was the only Scripture that the Christians, including Jesus Christ, recognized. If for no other reason, we should count the Septuagint sacred because it is the example of Jesus and His Apostles.As Christian Separatists, we do not accept Jewish myths or Jewish authority of translation. We do not live in fear of what Jews think. If indeed Joshua of the Old Testament does represent Jesus, then there is no proof that Joshua is actually spelled Joshua. We cannot go by the Masoretic text, because all of the vowels were added in the Hebrew in 900 A.D. after a thousand years or more of copying the text, and the Hebrew we have today, is no where near the original Hebrew, and so the correct spelling or pronunciation of names that appear in the Masoretic text, is a pointless argument. If we were trying to determine the original spelling and pronunciation of Joshua, then the smartest thing to do would be to lookat the Septuagint. In practically every case, the Septuagint translators, transliterated the names of Old Testament figures into Greek exactly, and parallel almost identical to the Masorectic text with a few exceptions.

For example, the name Jacob, is Jakob in the Septuagint, and the name Israel is Israël in the Septuagint. Of almost every name in the Hebrew, there is an almost exact equivalent in the Septuagint, or at least a very close equivalent. However, some do not even sound alike, and are totally different. One of which is Joshua. In the Septuagint, the Hebrew Joshua was transliterated as Iesous or Jesus. If in the original Hebrew the name was Joshua, then it would have been possible to transliterate this into Greek, and the Septuagint would today say Joshua and not Jesus. However, this is not the case, and all of the evidence points towards the Hebrew having been corrupted by Edomite Jews and not the Septuagint. History points to the time after Esdras when the maintenance of the Word of God in the ancient Hebrew language was not maintained. Moreover, if you study the book of Esdras, you find out that they couldn’t even speak Hebrew, and over aperiod of a hundred years or so, the Edomite Jews gained control of the scribal offices and started injecting Edomite or Aramaic thinking in order to justify their corrupted version of Hebrewism and bring in their Babylonian philosophies, and Philo an Israelite in dispersion, wrote volumes in the Greek, the language of the Diaspora, against their evil activities, as did the early Christians of the second century.

The truth is that our ancient Hebrew fathers were more akin to the white Greeks than to the muddy Edomites. For those who read Josephus in detail, they will see that there was a faction of the people who wanted to adopt more of a Grecian culture, and these were well respected priests who advocated establishing Grecian schools or gymnasiums and sought to identify with their white Grecian cousins. Many of the Hebrews, especially the Alexandrians, claimed that the Greeks were descendants of the tribes of Israel, and that Plato derived much of his philosophy from the laws of Israel. The Talmudic Jews dispute these historical facts. But back in Palestine, the Babylonian Edomite Jews enraged the Mediate king through political intrigues, and the king overreacted and burnt a pig at the Temple of Jerusalem. This played right into the hands of the Edomites. My understanding of this period of history is that the Medes were predominantly made up of former Israelites turned pagan and were for the most part racial kinsman.

The Edomites now called for a united Judea based upon patriotism and geographical boundary and formedthe Zealot party. No longer was nation defined as race, and the Jews have been preaching false patriotism, turning racial brother against racial brother ever since, and my friends, I want you to know that this is sowing discord among brothers, which is one of the seven things that God hates. You see, my friends, if you depart from the truth, you destroy the unity of history and of God’s Word. The Jews tactics are always the same, to destroy the racial unity of true Christianity through propaganda lies. Incidentally, I want to bethere when the United States government arrests God for hate crimes. But getting back to the sacred name, the very idea of a sacred name is shown to be erroneous when we examine those few verses were sacred namers point to, to say that there must be a sacred name. Theword for name is onoma and literally means authority . In all of the verses that seem to imply a sacred name , we would do well to substitute the word authority and we get an entirely different picture and wed iscover that the real issue is authority. In fact, that is how the King James translators understood the English term name , to imply the authority of the king. Think about this, stop in the name of the king . That means, stop in the authority of the king . I am arresting you in the name of the king. The issue is authority, not some magical name.

The sad fact is, an incredible amount of corruption has taken place, most of itinitiated by Jews like Meyer, in the area of biblical criticism. In fact, there does not exist a reliable Hebrew copy of the Old Testament scriptures, and neither is there any other language, like Aramaic, Ethiopic, Armenian, etc., that can be given any credence. Now I do not say this without being able to prove it, I have studied all of these things, and the truth is the truth. My point is, the deception perpetrated by Jews cannot be allowed to destroy true Identity. We do however need to have a house cleaning based upon truth. As a Christian Separatist, I am interested in unity and building unity based upon truth, not bullshit, and there is only one way to do that, and that is to tell the truth. There is no promise of defeating our common enemies unless we stand on the New Covenant as God’s final revelation. This is easy to do. You turn in the book and you read it, and you either believe what it says or you don’t. The question that most people ask is, What would Jesus go by if we went back to that time and spoke His native language? When we realize that the language of the Hellenistic world was Greek, and that that was the native language of Jesus, then we understand that Jesus was indeed His name. What made Jesus unique was the addition of the title Christos to His name. The title Christos  means Anointed or Anointed One, and thus Jesus was the Anointed One, because again remember, Jesus was a common name at those times, much like John or William is today. Every argument put forward by the sacred-name subscribers is easily repudiated.

The whole idea rests on believing that the New Testament was written in Aramaic, and that, contrary to all historical evidence and every man alive in the first century who wrote anything, whether love-letters, deeds or business contracts, including contemporary historians,that the common language of the day was Aramaic. Nothing could be more absurd. This argument is alsoused by the Jews to say that Yahweh is a sacred name and not just a title. We know that the only place in history and archeology that backs up the YHVH speculations comes from the Moabite stone, from the writing of a corrupt and mongrelized king. We know that even in the Masoretic text or so-called Hebrew Old Testament the so-called sacred name is used of men and kings and the evidence more than justifies the idea that it was a title, and we know that the translators of the Septuagint translated it on every occasion as kurios , or Lord or Master , 300 hundred years before Jesus Christ, and we know that the Hebrew they translated from was closer to the Greek than to the Aramaic. It would have been possible to have transliterated the name Yahveh or Yahshua into Greek, if that was the original name, or if it was even understood to be a name.

We know that it is a fact that the Septuagint did not originally have Hebrew tetragrammatons in place of the title Theos and Kurios , as is popularly stated by the lying Jews. We know this because of Origen, Philo, Josephus, and the New Testament writers, along with papyri. The New Testament was not originally written with the Hebrew tetragrammaton for the sacred name in place of Theos and Kurios because not one text has ever been found like that, and we have the papyri of the time, and of the early Church fathers. In order for this to betrue, the original texts would have had to have been changed within a period of ten years, assuming everybody had forgotten about the original texts. It is also highly unlikely that different copyists of ourover 1100 Greek texts of the New Testament would have all changed the tetragrammaton and participated in the supposed conspiracy, a conspiracy, I remind you, that we have only the word of Jews to substantiate, and that all of the original texts with the Hebrew tetragrammaton would have been lost. In addition to this, if the New Testament was translated from Hebrew, or if it was written with tetragrammatons, which of course is the only way they can rationalize the name Yahshua , then other works, such as Josephus, would have had to have been changed, and early original papyri that have been found from that day would have had to have been changed.The chances of the Septuagint having used Hebrew words for the sacred name and the New Testament doing the same or even having been written in Hebrew, are about the same chances as it having been written in Mandarin Chinese. There is no proof for either. All of the evidence points the other way, andthe only authority that they quote for this is Jacob Meyer, the Pennsylvania Jew.

If you want to conceal the truth, and you do not want to piss the Jews off, or offend the Jews, then certainly you will want to call God something besides Jesus. I think that it is a very bad comment on America when ministers who say that they are Christians are afraid to say Jesus in public in a prayer function, because they are afraid of offending demonic Jews, who are the manifest Satans of this world. The sacred-name phony doctrine is nothing but the re-erection of the middle walls of partition that the Jews had erected at the time of Christ.